A sun-kissed tan never seems to go out of style. But too much sun exposure can age and damage the skin, so getting a "faux glow" is the safest way to stay looking and feeling young and healthy. Bronzer and self-tanner are two easy ways to get that golden glow without putting yourself at risk.

Transform those legs, and the rest of your body, from winter white to summer bronze with Arbonne BefoRE Sun Made in the Shade Self-Tanner Sunscreen SPF 15. Its blend of beneficial botanicals (including avocado oil, chamomile and rosemary extracts) nurture the skin while adding a deep, healthy tan. Plus the SPF offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for a tan that helps safeguard you against the sun's damaging rays.

Scrub Up
Always exfoliate prior to applying self-tanner to ensure an even tan that will last longer. Try a gentle exfoliant, such as FC5® Exfoliating Body Scrub, to smooth and hydrate the skin in preparation for the self-tanner.

Spray Away
Arbonne BefoRE Sun Made in the Shade Self-Tanner Sunscreen SPF 15 was developed as a spray mist, which makes it simple to apply evenly.

Hydration to Get Even
Apply a lightweight moisturizer to ensure that drier areas — such as elbows, knees and ankles — are well hydrated. These areas tend to absorb more color from the self-tanner, which could lead to a blotchy tan.

Work Up
Start by applying self-tanner on the lower legs and work your way up the body, focusing on achieving an even application on one area at a time.

Glow Slow
Try not to apply too much at once. If your first application doesn't seem deep enough, you can always spray on another coat of the self-tanner.

Repeatedly Rinse
Gloves make it more difficult to apply self-tanner, so you shouldn't need them. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the hands every few minutes to avoid that "stained palms" look that's a self-tanner giveaway!

Silky Arbonne Cosmetics Bronzer offers a quick, easy way to add a healthy, sun-kissed glow to your face (and body) this summer.

• Brush and Glow
Simply sweep a light dusting of Bronzer across the face in areas the sun would naturally hit — the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

• The Body Bronze
Wearing a strappy or strapless dress? Dust a light coating of bronzer across the collarbones and shoulder tops for a finishing touch that will leave you glowing like a goddess.

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