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Arbonne Accomplishments
  • In 2012, our relaunch of Arbonne® product lines with more earth friendly packaging resulted in a 50% material source reduction.
  • Our certified carbon neutral shipments benefit carbon reduction through forest conservation, biogas-to energy, and landfill greenhouse gas projects worldwide. Click here to learn more.
  • In 2011, we launched our Green Will Call program, resulting in elimination of the corrugated shipping material for over 5,000 orders a month.
  • We use recycled, soy-based inks for 80% of our printed materials, and we seek out printing facilities that aim to achieve carbon neutral standards.
  • We use FSC-certified renewable sources for 100% of our paper packaging and all our printed materials.
  • Our catalogues are printed with the first high-efficiency printing press, resulting in a significant power reduction during catalogue printing/drying.
  • 90% of our personal care product packaging is recyclable.

Arbonne’s Accomplishments are attributed to ideas first, then actions. To learn more about the One Green Idea program and how to submit your own, click here.