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“The key to making it in this business is persisting toward your goals no-matter-what!”

Whew! I cannot believe what a roller-coaster ride the past 18 months have been. I really cannot believe I am actually sitting down to write my own Eye on Arbonne success story. For anyone who thinks they cannot do this, I am living proof you can. I did. I may not have become an RVP in my first few months of joining the business, but the crucial thing is that I did not give up. Looking back, this is obviously what my whole Arbonne journey has been about.

I have had so much personal growth in the past year and a half, I feel like a different person! Not only did I have my first child, which — as all first-time mothers know — changes you dramatically, but I was introduced to Arbonne when my daughter was just 3 months old. To give a little background on myself, I have never been a person who sticks with things for very long. When the going gets tough, I am the first to get going. It is not the greatest thing to realize about yourself, but that just makes my story more amazing!

I went to two colleges and changed my major a total of five times. I still graduated in four years but that was only due to my sheer will to get out of college as quickly as possible. After I graduated, I wanted to become a flight attendant but was offered a job as a college campus recruiter at a firm in Minnesota, so I did that instead. I spent four months there and then decided I wanted to become a teacher. I went back to college in Arizona to get my teaching degree while working as a nanny and a preschool teacher. After a year, I left school to become an account executive for a corporate, event planning company and gave up my teaching dream. I got married while working there, and left because I was ready to be a mom. Then, I started an Internet recruiting business so I could stay at home. I am a very social person and there is nothing social about staring at a computer in my house all day, but I felt extremely fortunate that I was able to make an income while remaining at home. I guess I just never found anything that really fit me. That is until Arbonne came along and found me.

My friend, NVP Casey Simmons, introduced me to Arbonne. I was not very interested, initially. But her persistent nature finally convinced me to attend a Presentation at her house. I was amazed at everything she told me about the dangers of mineral oil and toxins and I could not believe I had never heard this information before. I knew I was going to buy something from her just to be nice, but I ended up getting the RSVP (Right Start Value Pack) and could not believe my luck at saving all of that money. I thought doing the business might be fun and I immediately began “re-inventing the wheel.” I have a horrible fear of public speaking, so I wanted a different way of doing this business. Every time I had a Presentation to do, I would feel ill and nervous the whole day. I was not finding any business builders. But it was not any wonder because I was not making Arbonne look like much fun!

After about four months, I had reached the level of DM and then fizzled out. I was not having fun anymore and I still had that fear of public speaking. I actually cried at a Presentation and felt myself giving up once again.

As I was in the middle of moving, I had one of the best days I have ever had in my Arbonne experience. My upline, ENVP Holly Warnol and ENVP Shannon Johnson, had a conference call about a new system called the REsults Approach. I remember sitting on the floor hanging on their every word and furiously scribbling notes. I could not get that REsults Approach folder in my hands fast enough. I implemented it and started selling products to people I had been too afraid to invite to Presentations before. It was the perfect fit for me! In October of 2004, my sponsor, Casey, earned her white Mercedes-Benz and I finally got the big picture. I knew I needed to share not just the products but this amazing opportunity with everyone. Wow, with my new change of attitude and conviction, I went out and found three business partners and went into qualification for AM. It was not long before I left that achievement behind for bigger and better rewards as a new RVP. How can it possibly get better than this, you ask? I am sure I will have an answer to that very soon!

Brad: Thank you for believing in me. I feel so lucky to have the privilege of walking through this life with you. Kyla: You are too young to read this now but I hope that someday you will read it and know you can do whatever you want in life. You have made my life an absolute joy.

To ENVP Holly Warnol: Thank you for proving this can be done and for always being willing to reach down and help me.

To ERVP Candace Nystrom: Your wisdom astounds me. Thanks for believing in me when I doubted myself.

To my sponsor and dear friend, NVP Casey Simmons: You have been an amazing leader. Your friendship is so precious to me.

To my first business builder, EAM Margo Lipari: You are my rock star! To AM Denise Klaers: You have an amazing gift of friendship that I am so lucky to experience on a daily basis. To AM Melisa Fuentes: You took this idea and ran with it. Thank you for listening to me! To AM Anne Kennedy: You have built an amazing team. Thanks to all of you for always pulling for me.

To all of my DMs, Jane, Pon, Lisa, Jennifer, Claudine, Donna, Sonia, Carolyn, Cindy, Joanne, Donna, Sonia, Lorri, Brett, Patricia, April, Mary, Dana, Edra and Christian: You all have what it takes to succeed!
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