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“Commit to doing this business
and believe you will succeed.”

My Arbonne journey began in November 2005 after I attended a holiday open house with my good friend, Rhonda Allan. At the event, ERVP Diana Kleist was demonstrating the NutriMinC® RE9® anti-aging skin care line. Rhonda loved the products and signed up to receive her discount. I signed up with her to try the products at the discount, never intending to build a network marketing business. A few years before, I had tried a network marketing venture and quickly found that I was not cut out for direct sales. That was my husband, Ken’s, forte.

After receiving my Arbonne starter kit, my heart sank when I saw that I had to create a “100-person list.” The fact is, I was not very good at approaching people and thoughts of rejection raced through my mind. It was easy, however, for me to ask my family for their support since they had been there for me through previous ventures and were always open to trying new things. My sisters, RVP-in-qualification Chandra Lynch and DM Gayle Jones, and my sister-in-law, DM Kathi Coleman, were my first Consultants. During Thanksgiving, they graciously tried the products and became Consultants just to support me. Though they were not open to doing the business.

At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom to six children, ranging in ages from 2 through 15, and a 22-year-old stepdaughter. So, I had my hands full with chauffeuring, diapering and attending various sporting and after-school events. As a sales manager in the technology industry, my husband, Ken, traveled frequently, often leaving me to take care of the home and family single-handedly. Prior to staying home with my children, I had worked as an administrative secretary for a local city government for 11 years. When my third child was born, we decided that the costs of child care and the stress of commuting 45 minutes each way exceeded the benefits of my salary. Also, because I had taken that government job at an early age foregoing college, a manager unwittingly made me feel inadequate, treating me as “just a secretary” with little opportunity for advancement. All these considerations contributed to my decision to leave my steady job and stay home with my three children until all three of them reached school age. Then, I planned to go back to school to get my degree. However, that is not what the future had in store for me. I had three more children in four years and knew that my fate had been sealed. It was all but written in stone that I was destined to remain at home for more years to come.

Being shy as a child and pretty reserved for most of my life, I was not one to seek out friendships. I had a small handful of good friends and basically kept to myself and family. So, going out to talk to people about skin care and then asking them to join me, was definitely challenging for me. While I loved being home for my children and have had a comfortable life, something was missing and I would often wonder why I was not happy. My husband’s long hours away from home constantly left me depressed and overwhelmed. I needed to find a way to take the financial burden off of him and free up some of his time. Then, along came this wonderful opportunity called Arbonne. The first hurdle I faced was going from a passive product user to an active business builder, and this was no small feat for me.

Once I decided to become an Arbonne business builder, I set sail on a life-changing experience. Through this business, we have not only had the potential to become more financially secure, but I have undergone a transformation of immense proportions in my personal development. Initially, I thought I could just hand out skin care samples and people would call me excited to buy product. But I soon realized that I would have to step out of my comfort zone and get in front of people to share the products and the business. One of my favorite speakers said to “work more on yourself than you do on your business.” After hours of listening to Arbonne’s Learn & Burn™ audio trainings, Arbonne University modules and reading so many works on network marketing and personal development, I slowly began to build the needed belief in myself. Sharing the Arbonne opportunity and products is so much easier when you are passionate about them.

I cannot take full credit for reaching RVP as most of it was made possible by the efforts of my incredible team and a lot of prayer! I am living proof that you can succeed at this business if you learn to believe in the abilities of yourself and others.

To my parents: Thank you both for instilling in me deep faith and strong family values. To my sister, Chandra, and her husband, Pat Lynch: Thanks for being an upline’s dream business builder. We have so much fun together and I could not imagine doing this business or living life without you. I am waiting impatiently for you to get your Mercedes-Benz. To my sister, Gayle, and her husband, Jeff Jones: Thank you for your strength and prayer and for believing in me. Now it is your turn. To my sister-in-law, Kathi Coleman: Thank you for our therapy sessions and for being a reliable meeting companion and party date. You are on your way. I love you, guys!

To Rhonda Allan: Thanks for your friendship and for getting me involved with this business. To my upline, DM Pamela Hall, ERVP Debra Whitworth, ERVP Kim Pollak, ERVP Diana Kleist, NVP Kristen Salas and ENVP Amme Weilert and Chris Weilert: Thanks for all the encouragement and phenomenal training.

To AMs, Corrine McKendrick, Dharma Nichols and Matia Pradels, and DMs Carolyn Gillis and Lisa Steenberg: Look out world, here come your next RVPs. To all my business builders and Consultants: Keep believing in your Arbonne dreams and they will happen for you, too.

To my children, Keenan, Keila and Stefanie: Thanks for sacrificing your social lives to babysit while I “Arbonnized” myself. To Keana, Kamaile, Kainoa and Keawe: You are my angels. I am blessed with wonderful children. To the love of my life, Ken: Thank you for being my rock and believing in me when I did not believe in myself. I love you all very much.
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