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“To discover your dreams you must be willing to take risks.”

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For me, that journey began when Arbonne stepped into my life. It all began four years ago when I was at a crossroads in my career and my life. During this time, I was making a good living as a Physician’s assistant in internal medicine (P.A.). I had worked very hard to get where I was, enduring years of medical school and subsequent training in the field. And I was proud of the professional status I had earned. But somewhere in between the birth of my first child and a mother’s desire to nurture her growing family, my priorities had changed.

I longed to be at home with my young son, Brett. It broke my heart to have to go to work each day and leave my baby with someone else. As his mother, I envied the person who would be there to watch him grow up. These feelings grew more powerful, eventually demanding that I choose between my career and my family, or find a balance where neither was sacrificed. I was faced with having to decide if my prestigious title was worth working for someone else for the rest of my life and missing out on many important experiences with my young family. My husband, Mark, and I began to pray for a solution to our dilemma. On the one hand, I could not quit my job altogether because of our newly expanded family; on the other, I longed to be at home to raise my child. What job would enable me to maintain a position that could compensate for the lifestyle to which we were accustomed, while at the same time allowing me to work at home?

When things seem to be at their lowest point, you have got to believe that something will turn it around. Our prayers were answered when I met ENVP Cecilia Stoll. She enlightened us about Arbonne and the impact that this network marketing company could have on our lives. Never before had we considered looking into direct sales. Little did we know at the time how wrong we were. To this day, my husband calls himself a “recovering non-believer.” I initially joined Arbonne in order to purchase product at a discount … it has become the best opportunity I could hope for.

From the beginning, however, my journey with Arbonne was full of obstacles. At first, I had to be convinced that I could achieve a level of financial security comparable or better than what I had been earning as a PA. Although I was attracted by the option of working at home, I did not immediately see the potential of this business. For this reason, I remained a PA while exploring the prospects of Arbonne’s business. Secondly, I knew nothing about network marketing or skin care. If I was going to make a go of it, I would have to learn a whole new field all over again. To top it all off, the nature of this business highlighted one of my personal weaknesses. Speaking in public had always been a huge fear of mine. In college I put off taking speech class until my senior year because of a fear of public speaking. Being in medicine, I was accustomed to building relationships and educating people one-on-one. I realized I had to abandon my comfort zone and face my fear in order to be successful in Arbonne. I remember in my first skin care Presentation, my face, neck and chest were red; my mouth was dry and my hands were trembling. To my amazement, I was able to get through it and my resulting sales were great!

Many people thought I was losing my mind going from healing people to “peddling lipstick.” None of my peers in the medical field ever took the time to encourage me in my new endeavor. After sharing with a peer that the real reason I had taken a chance on Arbonne was to ultimately stay at home to raise my kids, their reply was, “that would be an ideal world.” But, I had to take a risk because there was too much at stake. I knew my family was counting on me, so I was ready to trade in my prestigious title of P.A. for the simpler one of M.O.M. It was a title my children deserved. Besides, within seven months of joining Arbonne, I became a District Manager and was on my way to discovering the fantastic earning potential that lay ahead of me. I used other people’s negativity as a motivating tool, vowing never to let them steal my dreams. In the end, I had the final say, as many of my medical peers are now joining me on this incredible Arbonne journey.

By the time my daughter, Carly, was 6-months old, I was deeply committed to succeeding in my own business. I had attended every training conference I possibly could, and worked to grow my business in any way imaginable even if it meant just making a few calls in between patient visits, on my lunch hour or even while the kids were in the bath. There were still some rocky times when Arbonne required me to be away from home. Once in a while, it was a burden on my household. Although my husband was supportive, he did not always like his wife gone some evenings, putting the responsibility of our children on him. On occasion, I had to explain to my oldest child why mommy had to devote some time to Arbonne. Ultimately, this ended up being one of the biggest gifts of all. By giving my children 100 percent of their daddy a few evenings a week, a precious and unbreakable bond was forged.

As much as I focused on selling, sponsoring and scheduling in the beginning, I soon discovered that there was something much more valuable than these. I began to implement the practice of empowering others to realize their full potential in Arbonne, as in life. I enjoy investing my time, energy and knowledge in helping my team members grow as people and as business builders. To me, this business is about helping others believe in themselves, and not solely in the company and its wonderful products. Just as I had to conquer my own skepticism and doubt about this line of work and what it had to offer me, I set my mind on sharing the “big picture” with my team and encouraging them to believe that all is possible. Who could have dreamed that it would have resulted in my leap from RVP to NVP within the short span of 12 months? What a difference a year makes!

There are so many people who have been a tremendous blessing to me. First of all, I thank God. He knew the desires of my heart from that first moment I longed to be home with my son. In His mysterious way, he listened, answered and provided.

To my husband, Mark: I could not have done it without you! You work as hard as I do, behind the scenes, to make our dream come true. Thank you for believing in me! Our children are closer to you than ever before because of the time you have spent with them while I was away building our future.

Cecilia Stoll — you are an inspiration to me. You have set such an awesome example on how to build a business. You are a woman of integrity and I thank God for putting you in my life. Thank you for being a great friend and I am looking forward to a lifetime of Arbonne memories! To my first business partner, my inspiration, my Ace and true friend, Rachel Sinclair — you are a sweetheart. I pray that everyone on our team will have a friendship and partnership like we have — together we are a powerhouse!

I would like to thank my Area Managers and soon-to-be RVPs. Debbie Kirk — you are an awesome trainer and you crack me up! Thanks for always having a sense of humor. To my dear friend Anne “Annie” Decker — I am so proud of you! Cleary Clark — you are a true testimonial to not letting circumstances get in your way. I thank you for your friendship. Susan Butcher — wow, you inspire me! You are setting a record pace for Arbonne and you are a gift from heaven! To my “angel friend” Brenda Harris — you have been a blessing in my life and you deserve the very best! Gena Money — you have been RVP material since the day you started. I love your energy! Alicia “the bomb” Dewey — you were meant for Arbonne and we were meant to be friends. Cristi Cole — you have achieved your goal of being home with your children! How about that for success? Enormous thanks to all our District Managers — you guys are awesome! Many of you are Area Managers-to-be.

As an entertainer once said, “Success in life does not have to do with accomplishments or acquiring possessions. Though we all are born for a purpose, we do not all realize that success in life is what is done for others.” As I have been able to realize my wildest dreams in my life and career, I offer this heartfelt advice to others who can benefit from it: To discover your dreams, you must be willing to take risks. Discard your foolish pride and overcome your personal fears because there is much more to life than what you can see. All it really takes is for you to — believe.
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