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“Having a Presentation every week in the same place, at the same time, is a great way to attract people.”

As I reflect on my journey to NVP, I realize a few things: There is more to life than money; people need meaning in their lives; beauty is more than skin deep and being healthy is beautiful. The most important realization is that Arbonne’s botanically-based products provide all of these things and the potential for increased income, personal growth and above all, hope.

I have been on a quest for a healthier lifestyle and looking for products that are pure, safe and beneficial. Ten years before I was introduced to Arbonne, my mother died of cancer and my dad died with heart disease before they were 70. I became concerned and focused on what I had taken for granted for so long — my health, beauty and well-being. As I approached 50, I began to realize, this body will not last forever and I better bear down. I learned that two-thirds of all cancers are preventable through diet and lifestyle change. It was going to take an understanding of biology, and a grasp on what makes people tick, in order to find out how I could be healthier. I spent these past 10 years doing research and talking with doctors, microbiologists, nurses, various religious sects, kinesiologists, naturopaths and many other specialists. I also read mainstream books by leading authors on wellness and beauty.

My quest has taught me a very important lesson — that aging poorly is not inevitable. Diet and exercise are vital for a long, productive life. My mother was right all along; beauty is more than skin deep. To truly look your best, a healthy lifestyle is necessary to any beauty regimen, and there are no mysteries or shortcuts. Like many others, I wanted it all. I did not want to just feel great, I also wanted to look great and age gracefully.

As the “greatest” generation passes away, my generation, the huge “baby boom” generation, born between 1945 and 1964, is acutely more aware of their health. Many are motivated to live a healthier life by their parents’ lives ending, too often as a result of disease or debilitation. The health and wellness industry is benefiting from this interest toward a healthier lifestyle. A famous economist, author and speaker has said, wellness is currently a billion-dollar industry that will increase greatly by 2010. The younger, upcoming generation is also looking for pure and beneficial products, and guidance on how to live healthier lives.

Arbonne is the final piece in the health and beauty puzzle. Near the end of my nearly 10-year quest, in December 2003, I was introduced to Arbonne by NVPs Cathy Epperson and Linda Brenner, and ENVP Deanna Osborn. Arbonne has it all — nutritional supplements and botanically-based skin care. Like a true missionary, I wanted to tell everyone about Arbonne. Guess what? Aging gracefully can be possible. Arbonne Consultants are able to reach out to the wide baby boom audience and have an advantage over others focused only on beauty.

I was immediately impressed when I heard about the Prolief natural botanically-based cream. It proved to me that Arbonne was a company committed to women’s issues. Shortly after my mother died in 1996, and as I approached 50, I read about these creams. I was delighted to finally find where to buy it and meet Arbonne Consultants who could share their knowledge of the product with others. Thank you, Cathy, Deanna and Linda.

After attending my first Presentation in December of 2003, I began using Prolief natural botanically-based cream and the NutriMinC® RE9 skin care line sample. My research has shown replenishing antioxidants directly on your skin is a wonderful way to keep it looking vibrant and nourished. Arbonne won my heart and I began an Arbonne business with my daughter, RVP Kelley Sears; my niece, RVP Courtney Dobbs and RVP Marcie Hughes. I made my first foray into network marketing in order to tell others about what I call the Arbonne lifestyle, which includes great products and the potential to have unlimited economic opportunity.

Arbonne’s focus on botanically-based and antioxidant-rich products is the perfect motivational tool to train others. I built a team by encouraging them to meet the needs of millions of baby boomers and their families who are seeking pure, safe and beneficial products, and a company committed to these values. My team gained a great deal of contentment from helping others, and the potential to earn a higher income has also been phenomenal. Can you imagine having the potential to be compensated for helping others in such a profound way?

Every Thursday, rain or shine, whether one person or 15 attended, I held a Presentation at 6:30 pm. Having a Presentation every week in the same place, at the same time, is a great way to attract people without being dependent on hostesses, and it is a great opportunity to train new Consultants and their teams.

The Presentations include the research I found from mainstream sources. My confidence in Arbonne soared the more I researched the product formulas. As I developed training materials, I looked for literature that would support the quality of the ingredients in Arbonne products. I read research on maintaining health and beauty, and everything I found proved Arbonne products to be exceptional. Doctors confirm that, in fact, beauty is more than skin deep.

My budding respect for Arbonne’s founders soared as I read more articles about living a healthy lifestyle. Doctors confirm that, in fact, beauty is more than skin deep. If I ever get the chance to meet Founder Petter Mørck, I want to shake his hand because Arbonne products are truly pure, safe and beneficial.

The general state of aging and declining health among baby boomers not only affects them, it also affects their children and the nation’s health care systems. How many of the baby-boom population can the healthcare system support and treat? I urge people to realize that beauty is more than skin deep, to live a healthier lifestyle and to use Arbonne products.

It has taken 18 months to reach NVP and I have many people to thank. To my daughter and sponsor, ERVP Kelley Frances: The team began with you, and you were the one who really pulled me into Arbonne and helped train our new family — our Arbonne team.

To my niece, ERVP Courtney Dobbs and her cohort, RVP Marcie Hughes: You are both young mothers of three beautiful children with flexible schedules and the potential to earn extra money to spend.

To associates and old friends from campaigning days, ERVPs Joey Davis and Haven Howard; and RVP Sarah Craig: Thank you.

To AMs Michelle Fugate, Marty Russ, Laurie Shute and Dedra Young: The Lexington and Owensboro team are leading many ladies to the truth.

To EDM Sherry Friedman and her daughter, DMs Amy Rauch, Bernadette, Catherine and Jacinta Brueggemann and the rest of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky team: You are new friends now because of Arbonne.

To breast cancer survivor, EDM Janet Harris, DM Emily Hale, Lisa Doelker and the rest of the team: Thank you for always being willing.

To the Michigan team, AM Audrey Werner, DM Rebecca Mayes and Lisa Hayes: You are reaching well beyond yourselves. I have come to know you, love each one of you and I have heartfelt appreciation for you that cannot easily be put into words.

To my patient, considerate and gallant husband, Ron: You no longer tease me about doubling my paychecks, if I would just stay home.

To my son, Shelby: I told you in my Region Eye on Arbonne story I would be an NVP before you return from Iraq! We did it! I am very proud of you for serving our country in Iraq as a Marine Reservist, who left the Virginia Military Institute in the middle of your last year when called to duty, and for missing graduating with your class of 2005 Brother Rats. You and the Colonel both inspire and bless me for serving our country as Marines. Kelley Frances and I love you both, and appreciate your service abroad while we serve here at home.
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