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“Be passionate and embrace your goals, dream and desires.”

Six years ago, we launched ABSolutely Fit, a fitness studio and wellness center that educates and engages the community on the importance of physical fitness and overall well-being. We wanted to teach the community how to reinvent themselves, mind, body and spirit.

Prior to that, Wendy, a practicing chiropractor, and Susan, a speech language pathologist for 12 years, always focused on helping patients. Along came the world of HMOs and insurance companies regulating patient care, need we say more? We still had student loans to pay, our incomes had suffered and it was time to help people in another way and have fun. That is when we opened up.

Our plan A and passion became our fitness center. As successful, career-driven women, we were always looking for opportunities to grow our business. Any opportunity had to be special, unique and able to coexist with ABSolutely Fit. Then, Karen Lambert, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, came to take a class and asked us if we would try the NutriMinC® RE anti-aging skin care products. We had been solicited by numerous companies to promote their skin care products, vitamin supplements and “wonder” creams, but none of them were good enough. However, this opportunity appeared different, so we decided to give it a try.

Within three days, our skin was glowing and we were impressed. When Karen returned with her upline, Dee, to discuss the opportunity at length, we had Wendy’s husband, Michael, join in to help us ask all the right questions about the company and network marketing. Once he got all the right answers, we had to ask ourselves if we had the time to commit to another business. We had to make sure Arbonne could be done on the weekends and at night, so as not to interfere with ABSolutely Fit or our families. After the meeting, Michael called his partner and told him he had an opportunity for him and his wife to get involved in, and hence, the first strong leg of our business was formed.

We immediately brought Arbonne’s amazing product lines into the gym, knowing our clients would love them. It seems so many people we met throughout Arbonne started out with Arbonne as a plan B, and have since turned it into their plan A. Due to our love and commitment for our fitness center, we simply asked ourselves if we could afford not to have two plan A’s. We realized the success of this business was going to be based on finding a strong and dedicated team of people willing to help others. Helping and sharing is truly the definition of Arbonne. When anyone says they are too busy to join Arbonne, we feel sad, knowing they will miss out on this opportunity that could lead to financial success and freedom. Yes, we are busy, but who is not? We own ABSolutely Fit, have families, are community leaders and fundraisers, who have raised over $85,000 for the fight against breast cancer.

We believe that in order to succeed, you need to care about the happiness and success of others, and offer them help and encouragement along the way. You must feel successful when you try, participate and put yourself on the line. Accept bigger challenges, make mistakes, accept rejection and move forward. Always embrace your goals, dreams and desires, and be passionate.

Like most people, we have a long list of reasons Why we do Arbonne. We love to be challenged, succeed and help people. We all want things in our lives, financial freedom to be exact, but the true gift is to be able to give of yourself. Coincidently, both our moms raised us when they were single moms, who at times, struggled to make ends meet. We both have these amazing moms who raised us to be strong, independent women and always help others. They taught us that with hard work, you can be anything you want to be. In turn, one of our biggest Whys is teaching our children this lesson. We are able to show them the true meaning of being strong and confident people. Quite simply, if you work hard, you will succeed.

To our kids, Alexa, Hannah and Jacob: Thank you for supporting and helping us reach this amazing goal. We love being able to give you the special things you deserve in life, like beautiful Bat and Bar Mitzvahs and our new horse, NovaStar.

To our husbands: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so supportive during our long hours, e-mails, Arbonne University trainings and phone calls. Your amazing love and devotion to us always shines through as you continue to support us in our ventures. We know you are always proud of our accomplishments in life.

How could we not take the time to thank each other for being the best friends in the world and partners in success? Once again, we took on a challenge, and we did it! We built ABSolutely Fit, our happy place, where we help others feel good about themselves. And now, we also have Arbonne, another successful business that channels our goal of helping others.

To ERVP Karen Lambert: Thank you for walking into our studio, taking a chance and giving us this gift. We are grateful for this new journey in life. We love you. To NVP Lisa DeMayo, NVP-in-qualification Dee Gunderson and ERVP Kathy Lufty: Thank you for supporting us and being there to teach and guide us. To RVP-in-qualification Diane Schueller: You truly embody the spirit of Arbonne. We thank everyone on your team for having the courage and winning spirit to go for it and succeed. To AM-in-qualification Lorraine Margulies: You saw the big picture and never gave up. No matter how many “nos” you heard, you always knew there was a “yes” right behind. Your team is amazing. To ENVPs Bonnie Erikson and Nadja Shipley: Thank you for an amazing RVP treat. The love you share is inspirational.

To our family and friends who have joined our Arbonne team and were members of ABSolutely Fit: You all have demonstrated strength, love, support, encouragement, passion and friendship. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.
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