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“You have the ability to succeed at anything you do … just turn the key to open the door.”

As I sit down to write this Eye on Arbonne, I am overwhelmed with what Arbonne has offered my family and me. Since I was a little girl, my dream was to be a supportive, loving wife and a dedicated, nurturing mother. My dream came true nine years ago. I am married to an incredible man, Trevor, and I am a mother of three awesome children: Alexandra, Mitchell and Isabel. In my eyes, I was living my perfect dream, yet my life was about to get even better.

My Arbonne journey began in January of 2004 when I was invited to a Presentation given by ENVP Christy Dreiling. My entire family told me it was too dangerous to be driving in a snowstorm and I should not risk my life for some “home party.” However, something inside told me I must go. Little did I know, this “home party” would be the key to my big future.

For six years, I struggled with horrible cystic acne. I had been under the care of a highly recommended dermatologist whose only answer for me was to use a prescription drug or topical cream. I knew that using these medicines for an extended time could have severe side effects. No side effect seemed beneficial to me. My husband and I wanted more children and our lifestyle involved a lot of time outdoors, camping and boating. I was not willing to sacrifice precious moments for clear skin. I was ready for a real solution.

When I arrived at the Presentation, my only knowledge of Arbonne was that it was a botanical skin care line that offered results without side effects. At the time, my cystic acne was bad and I wanted to walk in with a bag over my face. Christy approached me after the Presentation and suggested I try the Prolief natural, botanically-based cream. I was skeptical, yet hopeful, that her suggestion would work. After only two months of using Prolief, I was shocked at how different my complexion was.

For the first time in six years, people were asking me what product I was using to achieve such clear-looking skin. In March 2004, a good friend of mine, Allie Kuehn, came to me with her own complexion issues. I told her about Prolief and how effective it had been for me. I loaned her my NutriMinC® RE9 set for a few days and she fell in love with it as fast as I had!

Within no time, Allie and I found ourselves telling everyone about Arbonne. A couple of weeks later, we were still talking about the benefits of the Arbonne products. We looked at each other and said, “Why don’t we do this, together, as a business?” In July, we quickly reconnected with Christy and committed to doing this no-matter-what. We have never looked back. Although Allie and I have built this business as two separate Independent Consultants, our teams are unified. Allie is an intricate component to our business and acts as one of the main catalysts in providing the support and drive for our team.

Along Allie’s and my journey in Arbonne, we have been so fortunate to walk alongside so many incredible people. In January 2004, ENVP Christy Dreiling introduced me to Arbonne and showed me the big picture. Later that year, we attended ENVP Cathi Almquest’s Dream Giver training. The impact it had on us personally and professionally motivated us to see the bigger picture. In 2005, we attended our first NTC, needless to say we were in awe. The Presentation given by ENVP Cecilia Stoll was riveting. The words she spoke will forever stay embedded in my heart, mind and soul. I have enjoyed this road I am traveling on and cannot wait to see what else is in store. I have so many people to thank, so many people who helped make me who I am today.

I want to first thank my mother, Jolee: You have been such a positive inspiration in my life. Thank you for always believing in me. I know many times you had your doubts with my decisions; however, you let me make them, learn from them and then grow from them. I will always cherish our relationship and hope some day I can give back to you all you have given to me. I love you, mom.

To my incredible husband, Trevor: We have overcome so many obstacles in our marriage proving that our love can conquer all. You have made me laugh from the first day I met you and it has not stopped. You keep life very exciting. You are the beauty in my life and make me beam with happiness. Thank you for filling my heart and soul with the purest of love. I love you more than you will ever know.

To my children, Alexandra, Mitchell and Isabel: You three are the wind in my sail. Each one of you adds something spectacular in my life. Alexandra, your wit always keeps me on my toes; Mitchell, your compassion for others makes my heart swell; Isabel, your constant giggling always brings a smile to my face and laughter in my stomach. Thank you for adding such great quality to my life. I love you all – goofballs!

To my business wife and great friend, Allie: Who would have known three years ago, we would be partnering up and running our own business. Without you, this would not be. We have had many unforgettable moments and lots of laughs along the way. Thanks for keeping my life in order. I am glad our friendship comes first; we know when to separate our business relationship from our friendship. When in doubt or stressed out, we always knew where to go … to the lake!

To my team: I would not be here without the time, energy and support generated from all of you. Allie and I have watched all of you pioneer your businesses and have seen such amazing growth. I am so proud of all of you.

Last but not least, ENVP Christy Dreiling: Thank you for seeing something in me I never knew existed. You helped me find out what I was made of by putting your faith in me and never letting me give up. You are the superwoman of Arbonne. I love watching you work your passion. I know Arbonne is one of them, and I know it is one of the many doors that will open for you.
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