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“Through Faith Comes All Things”

It is a joy to read about the inspiring stories of so many terrific people and their involvement with Arbonne, but my story of living triumphantly begins in tragedy. And though I wish the amazing gifts of Arbonne for everyone, the way I came about discovering them I would not want to happen to anyone.

My husband, Jeff, is the true entrepreneur of our family. He specialized in marketing many products and building companies from the ground up. On May 2, 2004 at 4:30 in the morning, everything he built was about to crumble. Waking up with a severe headache that grew rapidly worse, he begged me to rush him to the emergency room. After nine hours of brain surgery, the doctor finally emerged with the news that my dynamic husband had a major cerebral hemorrhage that resulted in what seemed to be massive brain injury. Eight weeks Jeff lay in a coma. After five months in the hospital, I was given the choice to bring Jeff home or to have him put in a care facility. Deep in my heart I knew that if any chance for recovery remained, it would come from being home with our family.

At the time Jeff came home I was working a top corporate job for a large garment manufacturer, running their West Coast division. My division had great success. Then suddenly, in March of 2005, due to corporate downsizing, my division was absorbed and my position was terminated.

During Jeff’s long and arduous rehab, which continues to this day, NVP Edward Bell would drop by on the weekends to visit with Jeff.

One day, Ed brought me a gift from his wife, Mariam, a NutriMinC® RE skin care set from Arbonne, although I had never met her. It was truly a gift from the heart.

With everything being such an undertaking, using this luxurious product was one thing I really looked forward to on a daily basis. It made life more than just bare survival – a survival that was in jeopardy. If it were not for my deep faith, I know I could not have gone on. But for the seemingly endless days, faith allowed me to endure and I went on. And in the end, it was faith that actually brought Arbonne to me.

One Saturday morning when Ed dropped by, I told him how much I enjoyed the gift from his wife. I then told him how things had gone from bad to worse since I was just let go and no longer working. I could see the sadness in his face when I told him the news, but there was a slight twinkle in his eye when he began to tell me about what Mariam was doing. He was so happy that I liked the gift she gave me, because it was not only a gift of product, but also of her business — a business that was booming. He beamed with pride as he told me that Mariam had just received her brand new white Mercedes-Benz and would be happy to talk with me if I was interested.

Now, I have to admit, I always thought multi-level marketing was more scheme than business. All the same, as the month went by Mariam and I started talking. And during one of those talks, she used words I really related when she said, “My business is being blessed.” These words of faith inspired faith in kind, and faith inspired my interest.

I still was a skeptic though, and wanted to see how the business ticked. But even that due diligence was inspired. For my first look at the Arbonne experience, I went to an Arbonne business meeting, then took Mariam up on her offer and went to one of her house Presentations, all in one day. I had jumped in with both feet.

I had every reason to: I figured I had nothing to lose. The product I already loved. I was sold on the integrity of the business meeting and was impressed by the combination and purity of the products at the Presentation.

And at the foundation of all that appeal was my belief in the products’ importance of health. Preparing medication for Jeff’s food tube at that time had become part of my life; I was very concerned about products and nutrition. When I found out Arbonne was pure, safe, beneficial, I knew I could share it with others with my whole heart and soul. That is when the light bulb went on and I knew I could get behind this product.

Being a woman of faith, I prayed for guidance and knew this was the opportunity for me. I could satisfy my need to be home so I could care for my husband and family, and could do so through sharing a product that I believed in with all my heart.

The next day, I got started and launched as a Consultant. The journey was challenging but the process behind it was simple. I heard over and over, “just do the do”, which means do the activity consistently and the business will grow. It is a model powered by our belief, attitude and commitment. What a winning formula. Build your consumer base, offer the opportunity and stay the course.

Arbonne is more than just a product source. It is not just a cosmetic, vitamin or facial company. It is a business of people helping people improve themselves in every sense. I have an opportunity to share with others that the sky is the limit and that with a step of faith and belief you can own your own life. Arbonne provides all the business tools necessary and Arbonne people provide the heart and spirit.

Arbonne is the ultimate fit for my life. It gives me the means for facing the challenges before me and so for living triumphantly. My hope now is to encourage others the ways I have been encouraged by my Arbonne family.

First, I want to thank God, through Whom all things are possible.

Next, with love and gratitude, to ENVP Mariam Bell and ENVP Ed Bell: Thank you for your fellowship, friendship and, of course, the gift of Arbonne.

Because of my Arbonne career, I am able to be home for Jeff, who is doing extremely well, and for our children. I want to thank our son, Ryan, and daughter, Jessica, for their strength and courage. You are the joy of my life. And of course, thanks to my darling husband, for all the years of teaching me to think outside the box and go for my dreams.

The team we have built is outstanding. A special thanks to the AMs. Leila Ross, thank you for starting this business with me and for all your help. AM Peggy O’Neill Smith, you keep me smiling and with your amazing talent as an aesthetician and makeup artist you make a contribution to all the beautiful faces you have created. We all thank you.

To Cathryn Wade AM-in-qualification: You are an inspiration in so many ways. I cannot imagine this journey without you.

To the District Managers, Sarah Waltner, Krista Yabara, Katherine Van Patter, Chrisie Loree, Patty Adams, Crystal Echeverria, Tricia Adams, Polly Hoskins, Jennifer Costantinidis, Colleen Cofield and Antoinette Hoper: You are such a great foundation and I am the lucky one, having you in our team.

With utmost admiration to President Rita Davenport and Chairman & CEO Bob Henry and the Arbonne Home Office: You help to make me proud to be an Independent Arbonne Consultant. Your support and integrity are what make this company great and you achieve that with style and grace.

See you at the top!
The Arbonne Independent Consultant featured in this EOA has achieved the rank of Regional Vice President. The average number of active Arbonne Independent Consultants who achieved this rank and average compensation is described further in the Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS) available at > The Company > Corporate Information > 2011 Independent Consultant Compensation Summary. The testimonial in this EOA is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent income projections. The results discussed in this EOA by the featured Arbonne Independent Consultant are not typical and should not be relied upon by prospective or current Arbonne Independent Consultants as an indication of what they should expect to earn. Actual results for each Arbonne Independent Consultant will vary depending upon individual effort, time, skills and resources. Arbonne makes no guarantees regarding income.