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Simply stated, network marketing is a distribution system, or form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a network of independent distributors or Consultants. It’s a wonderfully effective system that cuts out the middleman found in most industries.

Traditional marketing moves products from the manufacturer to wholesalers, warehousers, shippers, advertisers and retailers before ever reaching the consumer. In network marketing, all of these middlemen, including the advertisers, are replaced with independent distributors who distribute the same products throughout their own network of consumers. This way, the large profit that would normally go to the wholesalers, warehousers, shippers, advertisers and retailers goes to the independent distributors and those who help train them.

Advertising & Promotional Dollars
Incentive Dollars

Leading traditional retailers are known to spend 25%–30% of every sales dollar on advertising, media and other promotions, while network marketing uses those same dollars to reward individuals for word-of-mouth promotion.

Because network marketing relies on developing and keeping trusted relationships, the product quality and service is often much higher than standard retail brands. After all, if you are going to personally recommend a product to a friend, you have to believe in it!

Worldwide, there are more than 50 million distributors in the network marketing industry.

A challenging, yet rewarding career opportunity with great income potential.

Big business (upward of $140 billion in goods and services sold globally) that is helping people put their lives back in balance.

Personally empowering. In network marketing, you can work at your own pace and choose your own hours to achieve the rewards you are looking for.

A flexible, home-based business opportunity with a recognized distribution system.

An easy, “get-rich-quick” scheme.

A fad that everyone seems to be jumping into, only to be replaced with the next opportunity and promises of great wealth.

A cult where you live and breathe the products and the company 24 hours a day.

A pyramid or scam where a few people end up with loads of money and many, many more don't.