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Holiday 2013


    Discover Wonder-Filled Looks.

    Hot Tips
    • You can mix Believe and Spirit to create shimmery "aqua" color. Apply over the round part of your lid.
    • Use a wet slant/angle brush to pick up Mystery or Spirit and use as eye liner. Mystery makes a perfectly black eye liner, and you can create a fun blue eye liner with Spirit that's on trend now!
    • Frost, when worn alone, makes an iridescent lilac color. Perfectly pretty!
    • Mix Frost and Mystery to create a velvety navy shade. Try as an eye liner or as contour shading on your crease.
  • FAQ

    Q. How long are Holiday 2013 products available?
    A. All Holiday items are seasonal and while supplies last. We encourage you to buy early if you have something or someone special in mind. Get your holiday shopping done early!

    Q. Is gift wrap included among the holiday items?
    A. Yes! We actually have a great Wonder-Filled Recycled Gift Bags Purchase with Purchase that includes 9 bags and 20 sheets of tissue.

    Q. What is the difference between the regular Arbonne products that have a Holiday sleeve, and those same products in the Product Catalogue? Are they more expensive?
    A. It is still the same top-selling Arbonne product with special Holiday packaging for the same great price, just a different Holiday item number.

    Q. Are all products available in all countries?
    A. Yes you can order every Holiday item in the US, CAN, UK or AUS.

    Q. When will the ABC Arbonne Baby Care® Bright & Bubbly Bath Set ship in US and CA?
    A. You can pre-order the set now, and it will ship in early October – just in time for the holidays. If you order an I Want It All! Set, all other products will ship right away, but the Bright & Bubbly Bath Set will ship, free of charge, in early October. We will send updates through e-blasts and The Source.

    Q. When is the I Want It All! Set available?
    A. This set is only available from September 1–30, 2013, while supplies last. It is a special offer to kick off the holiday season – don’t miss out!

    Q. How can I find out what products have sold out?
    A. Once an item has sold out, it will no longer show in Shop Online. You can also call Customer Service, check The Source, or ask your Arbonne Independent Consultant for an updated status.