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Arbonne Research & Development

Arbonne began with a line of 19 Swiss-formulated skincare products, developed at the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD). Over the years, the product portfolio has grown to include aromatherapy, cosmetics, nutrition and much more.

Arbonne is proud of its Swiss heritage but today, we are a global company, sourcing the globe for the finest ingredients available. Just as our company has evolved and grown, so too, has our product development.

Dr. Peter Matravers working in Arbonne's Research and Development Laboratories

Arbonne Research and Development Laboratories (ARDL)

The 1,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art lab at the corporate Home Office in Irvine, California is where Arbonne's chemists create in-house product prototypes, test formulas for stability and efficacy, and conduct sensory testing early in the product development process. The diverse and talented team of chemists, senior scientists and experts in the formulation of personal care and nutritional products works under the guidance of Arbonne Sr. VP Product Development, Dr. Peter Matravers and under the executive leadership of Michael D'Arminio, Sr. VP and Chief Creative Officer.

Today, Arbonne products are not only world class, they are crafted with expertise, ingredients and technology not previously available.

Dr. Peter Matravers joined Arbonne in 2008 and is the Sr. VP of Product Development. He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and has more than 30 years of skincare experience, including 13 years as VP of Research & Development at Aveda, and 8 years at Neutrogena. Holding numerous domestic and international patents, he uses cutting edge technology along with a blend of western science and Chinese/Ayurvedic influences to create products that perform. From his strong cultural background drawing from indigenous wisdom rooted closer to the earth, to his education in biological, biochemical, and medical engineering, he uses these areas of study to bring together the best of science and nature for Arbonne products.

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