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Independent Consultant
Amanda Wilbanks
Executive Regional Vice President, Australia
A Secret Worth Sharing
Behind Amanda Wilbanks' cheerful expression lies a secret you'll never guess - her real age. This busy mother of three always manages to retain her happy, fresh-faced glow. How? By using RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum, which visibly firms and lifts the skin with its powerful blend of collagen-supporting ingredients.
Age: 47
Likes: The flexibility of working from home – and driving the white Mercedes-Benz I've earned with my business instead of my old minivan.
Inspiration: My three children: Jade (23), Blake (19) and Justin (16). I feel so lucky I was able to build a business around being a wife and mother.
Favorite RE9 Advanced Product:
The Intensive Renewal Serum stands out as my must-have product. It feels amazing on my skin and I feel like it makes me look a decade younger.
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