Jenn Mello Exec District Manager Independent Consultant

WELCOME to my STORE!     Thanks for taking a look at what I’m up to and for browsing the site. I began redirecting my spending on the personal care products I consume to Arbonne a few years ago and have been buying a better, safer, truly effective brand for my day to day products ever since. I show others how to shop online at a discount like I do, and teach others how to re-direct their spending to a prestige brand that sets itself apart from any other. Why continue to shop from the big companies, from people who don’t know us or care about us, when we can shop connected to our friends we trust? By building an Arbonne business I can have a huge impact on people through education about ingredient safety and efficacy and by sharing the ability to own a an e-commerce business with countless others.      
LEARN about the PRODUCTS:     All Arbonne products are botanically based, vegan certified, PH correct, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. They do not contain parabens, gluten, soy, whey, GMOs, chemical dyes or fragrances, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients, and have never been tested on animals, do not contain any animal products or byproducts and they are formulated according to safer, Swiss/European Union Standards.    
PURCHASE with a DEEP DISCOUNT:     If you’re looking for vegan, fabulously effective products that do what they say they'll do, I recommend shopping as a Preferred Client (20% discount) and go to "Join Arbonne/Click Here" at the top of this page for information, sign-up and to start shopping!      

Get in touch with me for product recommendations and I can help you navigate this site for the deepest discounts.

My ID #: 21941888  

START your own E-COMMERCE BUSINESS:     If you're interested in building your own business, please get in touch with me. If you have vision and motivation to succeed in your own life, as well as the desire to help others, I recommend you do what I’m doing and become a Consultant. Shop from a company that will share it’s profits with you.   If I can do this business, so can you. Anyone can turn monthly expenses such as these into an income if they are willing to work at it consistently and follow a proven system. It's now clear that the global financial landscape will never be the same, but at Arbonne, we get to create our own economy. Building a business with Arbonne allows for flexibility of time and provides the opportunity for us to make choices in life. It’s time to Dream Big!  
About Me :  
*   Jennifer Mello:   Independent Consultant
So Who The Heck Am I?
*   I'm from a small rural town in New Jersey called Fredon!   It's so small we don't even have our own post office, and must share it with a neighboring town.   I grew up in farm/mountain country in an area that has earned the title "Garden State."   I'm from an embarrassingly musical family.   My parents are both highly successful choral conductors, and both my siblings and I sing.   We have a family Quintet, we get hired for weddings & I's embarrassing...and yet I wouldn't have it any other way. It creates a unique family bond.   I'm the only one of the Mello siblings that left the family "biz" so to speak as I branched out into film.   In my professional life, I'm a producer,   currently working on two feature films and a television series with my partnership at   Visual Music Ink   founded by my partner Gina Gadjosik.   At VMI we focus on content that is every bit as much known for our soundtracks as our story lines!   So...I guess I didn't fully escape the family biz!   I also founded a company called Film Interchange which is truly the focus of my life.   FI is all about filmmaker empowerment!   I host Bi-Monthly events where I bring in guest speakers who have achieved a high level of success in the film space, to come   "talk shop" with my attendees. I'm committed to the forward momentum and empowerment of the indie filmmaker!   Also...I'm madly in love with my boyfriend who I plan to marry!   <3
  How did I hear about Arbonne?
*   I heard about Arbonne from one of my incredible guest speakers at FI, Allegra Cohen. Professionally speaking, I could not respect her more and as we continued to get to know one another to chat about film, she started mentioning these incredible products that have changed her life.   She said joining Arbonne was the best decision she ever made as a PRODUCER! That's what got my attention.   As a PRODUCER, she found creative freedom due to Arbonne.   I perked up.  
What was my resistance to the idea of Arbonne?
It wasn't just one thing...  
  • I had had a poor experience with Multi-Level Marketing in the past, and I thought it was the same as Network Marketing. (It isn't)  
  • I thought that in order to do Arbonne appropriately I'd have to "sell" in the negative sense, as I admit I have a specific association with Multi-Level Marketing and the word "sell."   They seem inextricably linked to me.    
  • I didn't think I could start a second business on top of the one I already created.
  • ...but my BIGGEST resistance was focused around my existing business Film Interchange.   I feared that any discussion of Arbonne could be perceived as a conflict of interest to the community I've built.   I didn't want my members to feel as though I was converting them to "clients." As I am not!   This was BIG to me.
What was my turning point in deciding to say YES?
I realized that I had a responsibility to share Arbonne with Film Interchange members, as it upholds the most important principle that I'm trying to infuse into each and every one of my events: EMPOWERMENT!   Let me put it to you this way; since I started FI the number one topic of concern for my filmmakers is Money.   How do I raise money for my projects?   How do I find investors for my projects?   How do I stay afloat personally while trying to get my projects out into the world?   Filmmakers have more out of pocket responsibilities towards their own creative endeavors than any other creative field combined because their projects cost the most, and they take the most time! Working a 9 to 5 for filmmakers, is just not plausible as there's no freedom in it.   Arbonne solves those problems.   It creates an income on YOUR time on YOUR terms, and your money works for YOU not the other way around.   The more you share, the more your money grows!   Not to mention, these products are beautiful, and speak for themselves.   They enhance lives as EVERY product makes you look and feel beautiful, and Arbonne as a company has the utmost integrity, community support and a massive amount of heart.   The more I learn about Arbonne the more I'm impressed!   Ultimately the decision to sign up was a no-brainer to me!
What is my   dream for the future of your business?
I want to go big...spreading the opportunity of Arbonne everywhere I go!   I'm so excited by the products, and the community that Arbonne provides.   I can totally see myself and ALL those who I've shared Arbonne with in their White Mercedes Benz...driving down the road to opportunity, empowerment and freedom!   I'm going BIG and I want everyone to come with me!   There's room for all, and we're in it together!  


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