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Whether you are here with questions about our products, wanting to sample something, looking for info on our Preferred Client or Consultant programs, or wanting to hop in our healthy living program, I would love the opportunity to help you. Let me know how I can serve you!  

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Hi! My name is Kassy Golden, and I'm an Arbonne Independent Consultant in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I jumped into this business back in December of 2015. I honestly never really imagined doing anything like this - “coaching people into healthier lifestyles.”   It all started when a good friend of mine began posting some “different” pictures on her Facebook feed of her weight loss journey and her outrageous family vacations. Sure, I was intrigued!   She shared with me that she was making more money through helping people "get healthier" than she was at her corporate job as a Financial Advisor for JP Morgan, where she made six figures!   So yeah... I was skeptical, a little hesitant…. and I had a LOT of questions. I didn’t know what this business was, had no SKILLS in business; heck, I was an athlete my whole life! I didn’t like talking in front of people, I was way too busy working 40+ hours a week, practicing, competing, raising two young girls…..   BUT, that all changed and I’ll get more into that later.

I love that the products get results, which is great because that means they sell themselves.   My up-line and team have such a great system in place that teaches us how to share these products, and it’s compelling to most people.
The culture of this company is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.   We are all in this together and everyone helps each other succeed.   You are in business FOR yourself, yes, but not BY yourself. Our team has grown so incredibly fast, and promoted out SO many people who’ve earned huge incomes, who have SHARED this opportunity with others so you and I can do the same!   But the true benefit is that I not only get to run my own business alongside what I’m already doing, it’s about HELPING PEOPLE!      
This was a no-brainer after I lost 10 pounds during my first round on our team’s healthy living program with Arbonne's nutrition kit . I was sold.   I knew I had to share this with people.   I TRULY believe in the program, I believe in the products, and I’m able to help people transition into a healthier lifestyle alongside what I’m already doing!   But most importantly, for me, it’s about showing my girls that when you work toward something you’re really passionate about, while at the same time helping others change THEIR lives, there’s nothing more rewarding than that!            
This business has changed my life.   I would have never thought in a million years where I’d be today, but this is going to allow me more time home with my kids.   I’m going to be able to make the same income (and more). I’m going to be able to travel when I want to travel and post pictures of MY outrageous family vacations.   I’m going to be able to pay my house off with this business, and it’s starting to come to fruition. I plan on taking anyone who wants to lock arms with me to the top.      


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  • Eligible for specials and incentives
  • Botanically-based skin care, cosmetics and nutrition products
  • Excellent customer service and convenient shipping / delivery options
  • Product gifts for hosting / presentations
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Free to sign up

  Preferred Client – Save With Us

  • Eligible for Preferred Client specials and incentives
  • Complimentary free product gift (from select list) with $150+ SRP order during start month
  • Free shipping with $250 SRP order during start month
  • Receive free shipping and rewards through exclusive access to the Preferred Client Advantage Program
  • Enjoy 20% off all products and 40% off all Special Value Packs
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • $29 sign-up fee

Consultant – Join Us

  • Eligible for Independent Consultant specials & incentives
  • Complimentary free product gift ($100 value) with $250+ QV order during start month
  • Enjoy 35% off all products and 50% off all Special Value Packs
  • Sponsor and build a global business in Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Poland, Taiwan and the United States
  • Manage and build your business online and receive your own replicated website (free)
  • Earn when you sell – 35% profit on personal Client sales and 15% profit on personal Preferred Client sales
  • Earn when you and your team meet incentive goals (jewelry, trips, Mercedes Benz cash bonus)
  • No inventory
  • $79 sign-up fee (includes starter kit)

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