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Sarah Lancial District Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone (619) 723-1268
Hello! Thank you for checking out my Arbonne site! The products are amazing, and the company changes lives!! My Arbonne journey began while working behind the chair in my studio hair salon in February 2015. One of my clients had mentioned on a few occasions that her sister "did Arbonne" and naturally, I had brushed her off...until said client brought me samples! As a licensed, working cosmetologist of nearly 13 years at the time, I assumed I knew all the best products, and I had tried all of the top skin care lines in the hopes that they'd help rid me of my adult onset acne. But each product either broke me out more-due to allergies, or only helped my skin temporarily. The most expensive product that I was using, was from an aesthetician friend who retailed a plastic surgeon grade skin care line. It helped at first, but over time the harsh chemicals in the products were causing premature aging, and breaking down the collagen in my skin!! I was 31 and starting to have thin, wrinkly skin! Then, I tried Arbonne!! With just one use, I immediately noticed a difference! My skin felt moist and supple, and, the best part, my acne showed a reduction in size and redness!! I was hooked!! I wanted to know more, no, I needed to know more!!!  
Owning my own studio salon definitely has its perks!! I can make my schedule work around my family, and I don't have a boss to call out to if one of my children are sick. But I also do not get paid holidays, sick days, or vacation time! No fulfilled service, no payment.   I've been so blessed to have a full clientele and a successful salon, but its also meant LONG days on my feet, and late nights to accommodate my clients. So even though I'm my own boss, I have still missed out on things. Being home to put my kids to bed every night, the ability to rush to my sons school to bring him home if he is sick, volunteer in his classroom.....the ability to dream.
You see, even though I was married at the time, we were passing ships just "getting by". I made a decent income in the salon, but it wasn't enough to save for the future. Definitely couldn't afford family vacations, donations to charities near and dear to my heart, help support struggling family members financially or with my TIME....I lost the ability to DREAM.  
Until I was introduced to Arbonne!! I am so thankful to be apart of this amazing company!! The doors and windows of opportunity are endless!!! So, if you're looking for world class, amazing, clean products, we have what you need!! If you're looking to make some extra money, we have the opportunity you're looking for!! If you're looking to be surrounded but encouraging, motivating, driven individuals who want to help you hit the personal, and professional goals you set for yourself...Arbonne is your answer!
This amazing company has changed my life so much already, and its just the tip of the iceberg of my journey with Arbonne!! Id love to tell you how Arbonne could help you achieve your goals, dreams, or desires!  

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