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Brenda Graves District Manager Independent Consultant
Preparing for Impact
Seven years ago I was at a spa party and was introduced to Arbonne, I signed up for the discount.   I sold just enough to get mine and my mom's products basically for free. I was not taking advantage of the opportunity that God gave me, I was not prepared for what was going to happen.   Five years after I join Arbonne, my mom was diagnosed with Breast, very scary for us, thankfully we caught it early and she is now FREE!!!   I wasn't able to be with my mom and take care of her like I would have liked and what made it worse is that at 72 years old she still had to work.   Having a great boss and company that I work for did help but still I had to ask and account for my time, I didn't have options.   One year ago my dad, who is a truck driver, was changing the front tires on his semi and the jack gave way and the truck fell on him.   He was medi-flighted to Oklahoma City OU Trama, not once by twice, he is doing much better but still he was active and now he can't do much without being tired.   We are grateful to still have him with us, as you can imagine his bills are off the charts, and they had to sell their home and land. When you think about how long I have had this opportunity and wasted my time doing non productive things, I decided then that it wouldn't happen again, I would be prepared and ready for Impact, because it is not a matter of if it is a matter of when.  
I have been treating this like a business for the last year, and we are Scheduling, Sponsoring, and Showing Up for our team.   We have an amazing upline that is honest, loving and helpful, grateful for them and their help.   Personal Growth has been a huge factor in our business and as we grow, I am reminded of something I read along the way. 'You don't have to be Great to start, but you have to Start to be Great'  
I want to leave you with two questions
1. Where will you be in 5 years, is it where you want to be?
2. What is your plan 'B', are you ready for impact?
I love these product, I love this company, if you need anything please contact us we are happy to serve.

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