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Colleen Hill Exec Regional VP Independent Consultant
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Thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Colleen Hill, and I'm an Executive Regional Vice President and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.

Not sure if you can relate, but in 2004 at 51 years old, a single parent of a full-time college student I woke up and realised I had NO retirement. That was a WOW moment.
  I knew I wanted a different life. I also knew if I kept doing what I was doing nothing was going to change and my daughter would end up having to take care of me.
I became aware of the idea of leverage. Meaning, instead of me working 4 hours and just getting paid for those 4 hours I could share what I was doing with 5 of my friends, show them what I was doing and we could all start leveraging   our time.    
That's exactly what I did.
  I left my   14 year career in medicine and in less than a year I replaced the income I had been earning with the last doctor I worked for. I earned our company car, a White Mercedes Benz in 11 months, was the first V.P. in Raleigh, NC, won a trip to Hawaii and bigger than all that I have changed the lifestyle of thousands of people globally. I now have the lifestyle that I used to sit in doctors' offices and daydream about.
Today together with our team, we are expanding one of America's most dynamic health, anti-aging, beauty and wellness businesses all over the world.
No matter where you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, New Zealand or Taiwan I'd love for you to consider just taking a look at this exciting career opportunity!

  We have become one of the most attractive companies in our industry dubbed as the "SUPER COMPANY" with our unprecedented growth, 5 years prior to our international expansion in 2007.

If you are visiting this site, because you've decided that Arbonne is a great fit for you, then I'd like to welcome you to our Arbonne family! My goal is to help you create the life YOU daydream about and deserve.  

The world tells most women that we must choose between being a full-time mother and having a successful career. With Arbonne, you have choices!  

I would love to get to know YOU! If you decide to join us I'd love to help you plug in, join our calls, meetings, events and become successful! One of my greatest joys is recognizing those who succeed. I'd love to hand YOU keys to your NEW WHITE MERCEDES BENZ!


Colleen Hill  

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