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If I had to pick one word that represents my mind, body and spirit it would be "server". The word "server" has many definitions as I feel I have as a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. My number one priority in life is to serve my family, friends and others as the Lord has taught me. Am I successful at it all everyday? Absolutely not, but it's my goal.  
Server: A person that performs duties or services for others.
My husband and I have created two beautiful teenagers who keep us moving and on our toes 24/7. They are very active and have recently learned that power in numbers is stronger. Two teens against one mom, not a great scenario for the mom. I rely heavily on my daily Fizz Sticks, and a sense of humor to keep me up to par with those two!  
Serving: Be of use in achieving or satisfying.  
After decades of GI issues, limited diets, daily meds, and numerous attempts at anything that might help, I basically threw in the towel and accepted that I would be miserable forever. I didn't stay defeated long because an Arbonne side line sister of mine convinced me to do the 30 day Healthy Living Challenge. It completely changed my whole body, GI system, my mind set and it gave me my life back. I learned how to feed my body for fuel, keep my sugar level balanced and my gut free of toxins. I know what foods to avoid and if I choose to indulge, I know what consequence to expect. My daily (one or two) Arbonne protein shake with Fiber Boost and a Digestion Plus is serving my body in ways I never knew was possible.  
Server: Be of some specified use.
The more I learned about Arbonne products and their goal of providing Safe, Pure, and Beneficial products, the more I realized how uneducated I was about the skin and hair products I was using and buying for our family. Fast facts that blew my mind:   The US has 11 products banned in skin care and cosmetics while Europe has over 1,300.   It only takes 26 seconds for a chemical to be absorb into your body. The average American woman uses over 500 chemicals on their body a day.   That was an eye opener for me especially   because   I wasn't aware until I was in my forties! One of my goals is to find ways to serve others by reaching out and educating them on safer products. As a mom, I know that I will make mistakes but the one thing I know I am doing right is providing my kids with skin care and hair care that is free of harmful chemicals.      

Servant: A devoted and helpful follower or supporter.
It is important to me that people know that I am not a sells person. I am an educator. My genuine desire is to help people make choices to live a healthier lifestyle. I believe 110% in Arbonne products and what this incredible company stands for. The people in this business have a true passion for others. The positive vibe and inspiration of the Arbonne community makes me a better person and provides my family with healthier bodies and gives us an extra income. Thank you Arbonne.



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