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Thanks for visiting my Arbonne In London website, my name is David Petitjean and I'm an Arbonne Independent Consultant based in the UK. I was introduced to Arbonne by my wife Alison Petitjean who had started the business 1 year earlier on a part time basis around her beauty business and 4 children. I have full support from an amazing upline and a multi million pound business. I have access to the best tools and products and I run this business purely on a part time basis.

Arbonne has been trading now for over 32 years and is one of the top 100 UK Network Marketing Businesses. By building my Arbonne business now whilst in it's youth I know it will give me financial freedom in years to come. The exciting thing is that this opportunity is available to anybody on a part time or full time basis. Arbonne is fabulous for everyone who loves great skincare products and everyone who want's to change their life and the lives of others.

Over 32 years ago Petter Morck had the foresight to create a line of pure botanically based products in the Alpine fields of Arbon, Switzerland. With a dedicated team of biochemists, biologists and herbalists, Petter began developing unparalleled skin care products in Europe offered through a network of Arbonne Independent Consultants.

In 1980, Petter brought the Arbonne opportunity to the United States with 19 original products, reflective of Swiss quality   and an integrative approach to beauty, health and wellness.

Today,   Arbonne is a global brand with a massive network of Independent Consultants in four major international markets. The quality of our products, coupled with our rewarding opportunity, continues to attract people from across the globe to the Arbonne community .

The Arbonne products are at the 'top' of the market when it comes to quality and are unbelievable when it comes to price. The Arbonne opportunity gives the ordinary person the potential to earn an extraordinary income and create an extraordinary lifestyle. It also gives you the chance to turn the expense of your personal care products into an income. Take a look NOW at the Business Opportunity section.                      

Using an integrative approach, our ingredients work together to increase nutrient uptake for optimum absorption and effectiveness.  

Arbonne Essentials are Vegan & formulated without gluten, they have:

*   No   artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

*   No   saturated fats or trans fats

*   No   animal products or bi-products    

Arbonne recognises Regional and National Vice Presidents with a full-colour, personal account of their success story in flyer format. These Arbonne stories illustrate how Arbonne Independent Consultants represent all walks of life, how they have successfully reached their goals financially and how by running this business it has given them freedom of time.They now enjoy the luxury of driving the "company car" - a white Mercedes Benz.   Through unparalleled products, a strong, supportive community and a generous compensation plan.   Arbonne provided these individuals as they do with anybody who comes on board as a Consultant the opportunity to achieve abundance, freedom and empowerment.  

Take a look at the Business Opportunity below and then click JOIN MY TEAM to become part of this incredible industry - THE NEXT £ TRILLION POUND INDUSTRY

If you are interested in working from home with a home based business and creating your 5 year retirement plan please email me or call me on 07538 670994 NOW!  

There are no guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each independent consultant, like any other business, depends on each persons/independent consultant’s own skills and personal effort. You should not rely on the results of other consultants as an indication of what you should expect to earn. Arbonne is a product-driven company that strongly encourages consumers to use its products before attempting to build a business.   Arbonne publishes a summary of quarterly commissions that are paid to Arbonne independent consultants. This information is updated annually and can be viewed online at
The Arbonne Opportunity

How often are you offered the opportunity to make money working from home with a home based business, make a difference and have fun … all on your terms?

Arbonne   Independent Consultants believe in the Arbonne products and vision, and enjoy the flexibility of a home based business tailored around their lives — not the other way around.

Arbonne   Independent Consultants achieve success in 2 ways:

1. Through retail profit on sales of products purchased at discounted prices from   Arbonne .

2. Through commissions, overrides and bonuses paid on an
Arbonne   Independent Consultant’s product sales volume and the sales volume of other   Arbonne   Independent Consultants on their team.

Full time or part time income? You decide. All working from home

What’s In It for Me?

We’ve already told you about some of the reasons to join   Arbonne   as an Independent Consultant, but if you’re looking for the bottom line, here it is…

  • 35% profit on your personal retail sales
  • 15% Preferred Client Commission on all sales to your Preferred Clients
  • Your income increases as you promote yourself through the   Arbonne SuccessPlan
  • No need to carry inventory —   Arbonne   delivers directly to your Clients
  • FREE credit card processing for your and your Client orders
  • Unlimited territories — Independent Consultants may sponsor and sell in any country   Arbonne   operates
  • Trips and lots more as recognition for your success
  • Management programmes
  • Arbonne   Vice President participation in the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Programme

Success … on Your Terms

We know you are interested in the bottom line: How much money does an   Arbonne   Independent Consultant make?

That figure depends on you. With traditional jobs, your boss determines when you get a raise or get promoted. But with   Arbonne , your time and efforts determine your success. You are your own boss.

You have direct control over your success!

And, when you encourage others to realise their own dreams, your potential for income grows even more. As you leverage your time by helping to guide, mentor and train your team, you’ll be compensated as their   Arbonne   business grows and their sales volume increases. The more successful your team members are, the more you are rewarded.

*Please refer to the   Arbonne   Success Plan and Policies & Procedures Manual for more information.

Now’s the Time!

Get started and experience the   Arbonne   Advantage today as an   Arbonne Independent Consultant:

  • Start your own home based business for just £54
  • Share   Arbonne   products with those you know and earn profits on your retail sales
  • Share the   Arbonne   Advantage with others and grow your business
  • Enjoy a 35% discount on your own purchases
  • Participate in incentives and management programmes
  • Receive incredible rewards and prizes for your accomplishments
  • Take a look at the Arbonne Success Stories
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Also taking on business partners and other Independent Arbone consultants in the local areas of   Darlington, Co. Durham, Teesside, Durham, Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees, North Yorkshire, North East, Cleveland, Newton Aycliffe, Bishop Auckland, Redcar, Marske by the Sea, Shildon, Ferryhill, Chilton, Billingham, Barnard Castle, Thornaby, Yarm, Thirsk, Northallerton, Richmond, Hartlepool, Crook, Guisborough, Weardale, Willington, Tow Law, Bedale, Spennymoor, Tyne & W ear, Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, Consett, Peterlee, Blaydon, Killingworth, Wallsend, Cramlington, Gosforth, Longbenton, Hebburn, Jarrow, Whitley Bay, North Shields, South Shields, Boldon, Sunderland, Hawes, Leyburn, Seaham, Ripon, Whitby, Pickering, Scarborough, Filey, Skipton, Knaresborough, Wetherby and York  

About Arbonne

Born in Switzerland and raised in sunny California, Arbonne has transformed lives through premium products, unparalleled leadership and a family-like community. Through our passionate Independent Consultants, with our prestige brand and generous compensation plan, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Independent Consultant will be financially successful as each Independent Consultant’s results are dependent on his or her own skill and effort. You should not rely on the results of other Arbonne Independent Consultant’s as an indication of what you should expect to earn. Actual financial results of all Arbonne Independent Consultants for the preceding year are contained in Arbonne’s Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS). You may view the Independent Consultant Compensation Summary on Arbonne’s official website.