Deana Vellenga Area Manager Independent Consultant
Hello! My name is Deana Vellenga and I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and I am currently an Area Manager. My husband and I have three wonderful children who we are so proud of and we live on our family dairy farm. My Mother lives with us in a beautiful home with a suite for her. We manage our farm business and life is certainly very busy! In my past I worked in the Recreation Leadership field and I have been Home Educating our children since they were small. Now the two oldest are in high school and we have one left home educating and soon We will be finished that journey. Our family has always been a team that worked together. We work very hard as anyone in the farming industry knows. Being a small business owner demands much time and responsibility. I felt myself wanting to have more time freedom for my husband. He was literally burning himself out physically. This was why I started my Arbonne business. I used to think that businesses like Arbonne cost you money, I didn't realize it was a viable way of life. When I saw a friend who had given me a sample pack over two years earlier had earned the company car, the white Mercedes and was promoting in the business, I started to think about Arbonne being a great fit for our busy lifestyle. I could still be my own boss, stay home with my son and help out on the farm at planting season. I could set my own hours and decide the pace that worked for me to grow this business in a way that fit for my family. Since I have jumped into Arbonne I have learned that the benefits are so much more than just growing an income and leveraging time. The culture of learning, sharing and growing in Arbonne has been a huge blessing and gift to me. I am passionate about sharing this gift with others to help them have more, be more, do more and give more. Recently I earned a cruise vacation for Arbonnes 35th Anniversay and I am thrilled that my husband and I can take this trip together. So my time freedom goals are starting to be met and I am so excited to see what each new day holds and who will be placed in my path that I can share this gift with. What are you settling for in life? What if you could change your life in a few short years? Would you? I did and I am so grateful to be on this journey, I know that I am just beginning to see the possibilities that lay ahead by being a part of this incredible business, the passionate people and fantastic company.

About Arbonne

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