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Gary Houk Consultant Independent Consultant
      I have been working sense I was 12 years old in one way or another. My father was a utility line contractor in Oklahoma and worked 6 days a week, sun up to after sundown many days. When I graduated from High School I was determined I was going to take a different route. So I ventured into music, teaching, truck driving, managerial jobs, aviation, TV, radio, concert sound, retail and I came to a realization that working for someone else was always the same song just a different verse.
      So in 2011 my eyes were opened in a life changing way when my wife of almost 34 years was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. 7 very short months later she was gone. Leaving 3 adult children and their families of 9 grandkids and a bucket list of things we had not completed. I was slapped in the face with the reality of how short our time on this earth can be and I made a decision to do something about my future and that list in my bucket. I knew the path I had been taking was not leading to the destination I wanted.
      Then an opportunity crossed my path in April of 2012 that I could not ignore. It changed my view of what I was eating and introduced me to the idea of taking care of my health by being “pro-active” instead of “reactive”. The result? No more heartburn, snoring, sleepless nights, foggy mind and I'm back down to the weight I was in January of 1995. A loss of 50 pounds and that's without regular exercise. My energy level is up and I don't have chronic headaches anymore, and on top of that, I could actually make a nice living doing something that is fun, financially rewarding and is an environment to help people do the same thing. Well, I've added to that bucket list as well as to my family and with my decision to change my health and my financial future.
      I am moving forward. Arbonne has done, is doing and will do what I need done to keep improving my health and to secure my financial future so I can conquer that bucket list I have. And I want the same thing for everyone I come in contact with. That's the reason for this and every encounter I have with people. I don't want to leave anyone out. It's just too good to keep to myself. It's a business that has to be worked, please understand that, but the rewards are so great and fulfilling. To see someone improve their health and wellness as well as build a solid financial future is so exciting.
Why do I do Arbonne? I want to bring HOPE to people. You can be HEALTHY. You can FEEL GOOD and LOOK GOOD. You can TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!

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