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Jan Camp Exec District Manager Independent Consultant
      Thank you for visiting my page. I am married, have one daughter and a son in law.   I always have fur in the family too!   Right now we have Augustus our dog; aka Augie, and Barnabus our cat.   My husband and I met on the beach in Fort Lauderdale and after we married, moved west to Idaho where I have lived since 1988. A long way from home! This business called Arbonne has allowed me to live the dual life I need to have in order to enjoy my life in Idaho as well as my family in Florida! In fact, I am in a position now that I am now spending much of the winter in Florida with my mom, while continuing to grow my business.  
      I joined Arbonne in 2005. At the time, I was teaching 2nd grade and I was also a part-time personal trainer at a local health club. The problem with teaching was that I did not know how to turn it off. I love kids and wanted to do a good job but my job was never done and I worked 50-60 hours a week!   I was missing a life in between. Can you relate to that?   However, I was not a sales person and had no mind for business so I said NO to the Arbonne business and YES to the products when my friend introduced me to Arbonne.   My skin was super sun damaged from growing up on the Florida Beaches and it was DRY living in Idaho.   Quite honestly, it was the 45 Day Money Back Guarantee that sold me on giving the RE9 Skin Care a try.   I was sure I would be returning it since nothing else had ever worked.   However, within 2 weeks I saw and felt a big difference and within 2 months, my friends were whispering: "Are you getting Botox treatments?" They wanted what I had!   So it got my wheels turning and I did some research. I was so excited to learn that Arbonne is a Health and Wellness company. Not only do the products work but they are good for us too!   I learned about Arbonne's Pure, Safe and Beneficial philosophy and the culture of consultants that want to help others. This company exudes an energy and love of service to others- not selling and recruiting.   It is all about, "How can we serve? " I could not contain myself and just started to share with others because I was so excited!   The next thing I knew,   I was in business, having fun, not selling but educating and serving!   I get to meet others and help them to be healthier, look more beautiful and grow themselves as they earn an income helping others to do the same. My business grew rather quickly and I left teaching and made the decision that I would help enough people to grow an organization that allows me the time and income to give back as I saw many other consultants at the top of the company do.  
      In 2007 I learned what it meant to have a residual income.   My father was dying   and I wanted to be there for him and my family in Florida.   I spent 9 months traveling back and forth between my Florida family and my Idaho family.   During that time, I did not actively build my business. I had an active team working and regular customers as a result of my efforts.   Even though I was not working my business I continued to earn $3000-$4000 a month!   What other business or job do you continue to get paid on when you are not working? If I had still been teaching, I would have lost my job or would not have been with my family during that most dire time.   I will forever be grateful to Arbonne that I could continue to contribute my family's income and be there with my dad during his last days while supporting my mom as well.   It was then I decided that it did not matter how long it took to get to the top. I was going to stick to this business and make it work so my husband and I can have a life that contributes and allows us to be free.  
    Arbonne is a solid company and one that is growing forward in every way.   I am not shy about sharing the business or the products. The products sell themselves and   If I meet someone that I believe may benefit from   the business Arbonne offers, I will offer the chance to learn more.   I am not the same person that joined Arbonne many years ago.   My many mentors in Arbonne have helped me to grow and to become closer to the person God intends me to be. I am a leader that is looking for others that would like to earn an income in a life of service at any level. You may want to earn a little or a lot.   Wherever you are in your desires, if you decide that Arbonne can help you get there, It would be an honor for me to partner with you.   Just ask!  
    In closing let me ask you a question. If you continue on the path you are on now, what will your life look like in 5 years?   To have a different life, you have to do something different.   You can dream again!  

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