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Aloha from Hawaii!  

Welcome to my business!   I hope you will take a few minutes to look around.   I'm supposed to share a little about me; my name is Judith Roberts.   I am originally from New Zealand, but I grew up here in Hawaii. I am married to my very own long, tall Texan, and we had our beautiful son Jackson in 2004.
Being an "older" mom of a 13-year-old has its challenges. But one challenge that I don't worry about so much anymore is feeling and looking older than the rest of the moms. Arbonne helps me look great every day. But more seriously, I also worried about staying healthy to care for my family. I originally joined Arbonne to get the awesome discount off their famous anti-aging skin care. But after a year or so I realized that the health and wellness products are what I really needed to focus on.

The stories that I heard and testimonials that I read about Arbonne's nutrition products excited me and inspired me. When my husband decided that he needed help with getting healthy and losing weight, we took the plunge. The 30 Days to Healthy Living program has literally changed our lives. That was back in January 2015. Sure, we've lost weight, but so much more than that.   I want that for you all too.   Please ask me about it.   (I'd also love to share my before and after pictures!)

Bottom line…I LOVE these products.

I love the results, I love that they are safe for me and my family to use, and I love the concept of the business. It is a brilliant system that allows me to shop smart, help others to do so as well, and help myself and others to create a business that provides residual income. As our shopping networks grow over the months and years, so do our paychecks and we all are working together as a team…leveraging our time.

Once I introduce a person to the company, the products and the business… I let them make a choice as to what is right for them… would they like to shop at wholesale like I do or would they like to shop and share the products with others and build a business? The choice is yours and I am happy to help you in   any way I can.

If this sounds like a fit for you or maybe for someone you know, don’t hesitate to ask for more details or just a sample!

Thanks again for visiting with me.  


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