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Julia Knight Area Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone (917) 532-4244

Welcome to my store! Thanks for taking a look at what I’m up to and for browsing the site.     What an adventure this is!   A few years ago   I started my own global, virtual franchise within this fabulous company. I began by redirecting my spending on the many personal care products that I bought anyway (and will continue to buy for the rest of my life), and have been buying this better, safer, truly effective brand for me and my family for our day to day products. I quickly understood that I could also show others how to shop online at a discount, and further , if I taught many of those people how to do what I’m doing, we could all,   each one of us   , build an amazing business of our own, by teaching others how to shop or build   their   own e-commerce business! So why just continue to shop out there from people we don’t know, when we can shop connected to friends and build our own business while having a huge impact on people?  


LEARN about the products:   We have over 450 consumable products. Our Re9   anti-aging   facial line is an Ultra-premium quality and an economy price because its sold on line.   I saw a huge difference in my skin within 24 hours. We also have a wonderful 30 day healthy living program that helps improve our health and release toxins! ( see video below) We have something for everyone from babies to anti-aging.  

    All products   are   botanically based, vegan certified, certified Kosher, PH correct, dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.   They do not contain   parabens, gluten, dairy, soy, whey, chemical dyes or fragrances, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients, and have never been tested on animals, do not contain any animal products or byproducts and they are formulated according to safer, Swiss/European Union Standards.


START SHOPPING at a discount:     If you’re looking for vegan, fabulously effective products that do what they say they'll do, I recommend shopping as a   Preferred Client   (20% discount) and go to   " Shop Arbonne   "   at the top of this page for information,   "Register"   and to start shopping! (Get in touch with me for product recommendations and I can help you navigate this site for the deepest discounts. (My ID# 18367914)

START YOUR BUSINESS:   If you're interested in building your own business, please get in touch with me. I advocate and share my passion for the things I believe in. Most people do. I share and recommend these products wholeheartedly. If you also have the vision and the motivation for yourself, as well as the desire to educate others, I recommend you do what I’m doing and become a Consultant.     Everybody wins.   I've turned a monthly expense into an income stream. This is an unexpected vehicle for most of us, and, as it initially was for me, one that enhances our lives and others', adds value to our financial landscape, allows for flexibility of time and provides the opportunity for us to make choices in life. Dream Big. Intervene on yourself to make something great happen. Learn and teach others the same.

About Me:

I am an Actress. I love performing in theater, television and film. My Husband and I have 2 daughters and live in Harlem. After 12 years of being and ACE certified personal trainer, I let that go to focus on growing my Arbonne Business to the top level of the Company, alongside my creative life. I am currently working on SKIN a meditation. This team project will be an art installation of film, photography and poetry.  

I am very passionate about serving others who want to shop at a deep discount and   helping coach people to get exactly what they want from their own digital franchise with Arbonne. Feel free to contact me at 917-532-4244 to learn how you can also fit this in alongside your busy life!  

Cheers to your success, health and happiness.We are Creating a life of choice and freedom in an Arbonne culture that supports having balance and the ability to travel and bring your Arbonne business with you. All you need is a phone and a lab top and a willingness to learn!
Julia Knight  


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