Your Independent Consultant:
Julie Arnheim District Manager Independent Consultant

Hi! I’m Julie. I am a dreamer, a giver of heart and soul, a leader, a friend, a sister, daughter and aunt. My desire as a consultant is to help people on their skin care and nutritional or wellness needs (via a 30 days to healthy living program or just protein shakes and dietary supplements, even our new Phytosport Sports nutrition line!), as well as cosmetics and makeup too. Want a sample our skincare or body products? Let's talk! Sampling is possible!  


Arbonne entered my life through a woman, whose children I used to babysit for almost two decades earlier, called my mother, “I am now an Arbonne Independent Consultant would you come to my first presentation?” Mom went and she instantly fell in love with the philosophy of “Pure Safe Beneficial”, of vegan skincare, and as a survivor of the breast "C", not having parabens and other toxic chemicals and also being gluten-free was important. Once she felt the RE9 Advanced Skin Care she knew she was buying it, and she saw the opportunity as a recent widow to have some fun by becoming a consultant.

I loved the products, yet had no interest in building a network marketing, direct sales or home based business of my own. I just had a desire to share them with my friends and help my mother grow her business.  


I was enjoying the benefits of the amazing Arbonne products Mom had each time I would visit mom in Pittsburgh and used them, then would go home and keep up my daily grind in NYC.


In January 2012, I decided part of my goals in life were to travel, write books, and spend more time with my nephews. I also realized that by joining Mom's Arbonne team and having an extra source of income would help pay off my graduate student loans while still saving for retirement too.  

Now, I am using my degrees (I completed an MBA too!) to help others build their own businesses and pursue their individual dreams with Arbonne.  

I look forward to the day I can stand in front of people and say and "My life changed the day I decided to give Arbonne a chance, because what I really was saying is '   Julie, when you believe in yourself, you will make your dreams a reality !”


HOWEVER, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, I want to help YOU be able to see, feel, say and express yourself authentically and with purpose and passion for today and every day!  

I embrace each day as I learn about what people want and need in their lives, as well as sharing the products and the opportunity Arbonne provides people. As an Arbonne Independent Consultant my job is learning about YOU, your hopes and dreams and goals. This is so much more than just introducing people to great skin care, anti-aging, nutrition, cosmetics and aromatherapy products.


It is about helping people see the potentials they have, nurturing, supporting, encouraging, laughing, learning, playing, and embracing life!


I hope you join me on this journey, as a client, a Preferred Client or a Consultant!





About Arbonne

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