Kara Schilling Area Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone (302) 545-2499
Every consultant has an Arbonne journey and mine is very similar and very different at the same time. My name is Kara White Schilling and I live in Newark, Delaware and I am a full-time Arbonne Independent Consultant. And if you told me this would be my full time job years ago, I would have laughed. Seriously.
In 2008, I was sent a sample of our RE9 skin care anti-aging skin care line. Like many, I fell in love after my first use. But that was it. I never expected to build a business. Fast forward a few months and I was laid off for the second time in four years from my full time job. I realized this could be the extra income stream I needed what would become a very unstable economy(I was a loan officer and unstable was about to become my life for the next several years).
And I built a business over the next four years alongside my full time job. The extra money I was making was allowing me to shop and travel. In 2012, I had my son, Harrison and like many, everything changed. I went back to work, but realized my career path wasn't making the impact I had hoped for,   so in the fall of 2013, I left my career of ten years. I am not building my Arbonne business full time and I love it. Believe me, it was a transition, at first. Suddenly being in charge of your day, your time, your LIFE, it takes time to get used to that. It's strange, being your own boss. But I am adjusting nicely. To be able to do whatever you want, when you want, is life-changing.  
I think, the biggest question that was posed to me is, if you keep doing what you are doing now, where will you be in five years? I would have been tired. Very tired. Very stressed. And now, well, now I have my whole life in front of me, which allows me to dream, which, to be honest, is very strange. Living outside the box, is a transition, but I love it.  

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