Kaylea Marlowe Consultant Independent Consultant
Are you looking for a Pure, Safe & Beneficial Product that you can trust? Have you ever thought about what you are actually putting onto your skin? Or how long what you rub on your skin takes to absorb into your bloodstream? What about a second stream of income? Or financial & time freedom?
Well look no further! I have a great product and opportunity to share with you and just briefly, I have wrote a little bio on who I am and why I started my business.  
My name is Kaylea Marlowe I am 22 years old and I just recently graduated from a four year University Media Studies program studying Digital Communications. During my internship I was blessed with an Internship at City TVs Cityline & after I graduated I was lucky enough to land a Monday-Friday full time job in my field, back in my hometown. Unfortunately, like many others, I got laid off after only a short 4 months with the company, due to lack of work. This is when Arbonne fell into my lap.  
I was approached by an acquaintance who worked at City TVs Cityline at the time I did and started my Arbonne business for three main reasons. First reason being, I'm a product junkie. Second reason being, the lucrative compensation plan available. Third reason being, I realized I could not sit at a desk 8 hours a day and not talk to anybody. I loved what I was doing and studied at school, but the environment wasn't for me.  
I love my products and before Arbonne, I was buying without thinking. I never thought about what the ingredients in my products really meant and I definitely didn't understand the importance of researching your labels. Once I found out the dirty little secrets of what goes into our products I was disgusted. I've always known I wanted to change lives and help others be a better version of themselves and Arbonne to me, was the perfect fit. I got thinking, I now had a product I 100% trusted and I could educate others on how to make a safer and more convenient purchase, plus, I was going to get paid to do it! So I jumped right in. I was so excited I started running around telling everybody the product and opportunity I had just been introduced to. At first, my mind was exploding so you can imagine I was not giving the best impression. Not caring, I placed my business order and booked my launches. It turned out I had the most amazing support system and turn out at my launches. Once everybody heard the exact presentation I did, they now understood why I was so excited and became excited for me.
And now, I get paid to shower smarter and help others make smarter decisions and reach financial & time freedom. With this financial time and freedom I plan to pursue my digital media career and volunteer for organizations that need help because I will no longer need the money.  
If you are looking for a change your life or a way to earn an extra income on the side, your definitely going to want to hear a Discover Arbonne presentation and I would be more than happy to provide it.  

About Arbonne

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