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Kim Mellor Regional VP Independent Consultant
I have been a model for many many years since the age of 15 i absolutley LOVED what i did, i got to travel around the world, i got to meet new people every day and i had a desirable income. BUT, being self employed and h aving an income which is dependant on my appearance, its a very fickle & unpredictable environment to be in and it left my self esteem low .  
At 28 everything looked great on the surface, i was a university graduate, sucessful model and i had a penthouse apartment in the city centre of leeds but in reality i lacked security, direction and i felt like i was drifting, not having any goals or vision of the future.
Always working really hard and only ever getting the same outcome, t he consequence if i didn't change anything in reality would mean me getting a safe secure 9-5 job working for someone else. This was not an option!
What happens in 10 years time when im older?
What would i do if the unforscene was to happen?  
Who will want me?
What else could i do?
Surely there must be more to life than this?!
How do i still do what i loved, but also have more security?  
Then back in August 2012 i found Arbonne, which is something i thought i would NEVER do... i thought it was one of those things you did if you couldn't get a job or if you didn't have an education ( how wrong was i ), after i did my research i found that Network Marketing is the fastest growing profession globally AND Arbonne was set for Astronomical growth, its been predicted to grow 500% between 2014-2020, so i made the intelligent choice and jumped in with both feet!
Over the past 3 years Arbonne has completely changed my life, i have gone from lacking security, focus and vision... to having choice, passion and a crystal clear vision. I now have choices in life and i can do what i want, when i want with whom ever i want and to me that is priceless! Dont get me wrong, it has taken a lot of consistent hard work but it is absolutely worth it. Through this INCREDIBLE business i have not only changed my life, but thousands of other peoples lives.
Where am i going? to THE TOP! you can either join me or watch me ;)  

About Arbonne

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