Melissa Dietrich Consultant Independent Consultant

A bit about   myself…..  

My name is Melissa; I am an Independent Consultant and District Manager with Arbonne! I am also currently working as an Occasional Teacher in Simcoe County. I live in Barrie and have 2 beautiful   Bernese Mountain Dogs, Maverick and Macy.

Being an Occasional Teacher is not a dream job for me, I miss being connected to the same students on a daily basis. My contract recently expired at an adult education centre, which I felt very passionate about.
So, then I was introduced to Arbonne! Which has allowed me to find my passion again and be connected to the most amazing and caring people in the world!  


How was I introduced to Arbonne ?    

To be honest, I didn’t even purchase my first Arbonne product. I went to Amanda (my sponsor’s) bridal shower in April 2014 and luckily her maid of honour, Jennifer Cooper (Executive Area Manager for Arbonne ), was in charge of prizes! I won a Sea Sou rce Detox Mud Face & Body Mask.


What was my first impression?  

When I used the mask that night, honestly, I was APPALLED that it made my face burn and appear as red as a fire engine. I text Amanda immediately and she had Jenn ever so patiently explain to me the effects and that I should rest assured because the mask had worked its magic. It had taken all the dead skin off and I was left with new cells that needed to be taken car e of with sunscreen. Since that day I have faithfully used my mask once a week and I still look forward to the redness I see in the mirror because now I know its working.    


Did I have any hesitations?  

My hesitations with Arbonne were typical, that it cost too much money and I didn’t have the time to deal with the business side. I was gone from 7am-6pm 5 days a week. I also assumed that network marketing was strictly for stay at home moms. Now I know that I was wrong!  


What was the turning point after your hesitations?  

The turning point for me was when Jenn came to host my party on September 14th, 2014 and I realized what an amazing gig she had going! She has been an Independent Consultant with Arbonne for 2 years and she is well on her way to earning her white Mercedes -Benz!   She always raves about her "job" and how much she loves it, as well as the traveling and the people she works with.  


What is Arbonne doing for me right now?  

Right now Arbonne has helped me “ Arbonnize ” my home and remove ALL nasty and harmful chemicals. I started making my own cleaning products in January 2014 to get rid of the harmful chemicals in my home. I am always looking for more ways to reduce my impact on the environment, so Arbonne fits into my ideologies as well as the green-livi ng concept I live by. It has also paid off most of my debt and helped me save for a down-payment on my first home!  


What dreams will Arbonne help you fulfill?  

Arbonne will allow me to introduce positive people into my life, p ersonally grow into a more well- rounded and confident person, travel, learn about healthy living, and hopefully one day to not worry about my daily struggle with the teaching profession that has become such a constant stressor in my life. I hope to be a stay at home Arbonne mom when I have children. My goal is to be focusing on my family and growing my Arbonne business as of November 2016!   I am also looking forward to the day that my family and my life is so well taken care of, that I can turn my focus onto helping people in my community and across the world who need it the most.

About Arbonne

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