Your Independent Consultant:
Sally Jackson Area Manager Independent Consultant

We all have dreams.

  Often those dreams are neglected, ignored - or put on hold for some time never. But how would it be if you could start working on your dreams right now?

  My dream is all about freedom; freedom for my husband to pursue his dream around wildlife and photography, freedom for my children to pursue their dreams in singing, world conservation and sustainable living and my own dream which is simply to help others achieve theirs.

  My background is nursing and teaching and a couple of years ago, when I took a long hard look at our lives, I realised that what we were doing now was not going to provide the opportunities to do what we wanted to do in the future. So I started to look at my options.  

When I was first introduced to Arbonne I said: “ me! Sell lipstick? Are you mad?   I’m the absolute last person you’d think of to do that! ” but what I quickly realised was that this is a personal development company wrapped up as an online health and wellness business. It provided an exciting opportunity to take control of our financial future and to use my leadership skills to create, develop and coach a team – something I had always wanted to do.  

It was also a more than a little daunting.  

Why did I start a business with Arbonne specifically? Health and wellness is the fastest growing sector and the products are very special. Arbonne’s unique selling point is that while their Swiss formulae skincare, cosmetics and nutrition products are pure, safe and beneficial they also produce dramatically visible results. I recognised that opportunities like this are rare.  

What excited me then (and still keeps me awake at night) is that the products are only available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Poland; which means that there is tremendous growth and income potential as the company continues its global expansion . 2016 will see us launch next in Taiwan and New Zealand.

But it wasn’t just about the products it was also about the strong and effective business model behind those products and the positive and supportive culture of the company.  

Starting with Arbonne has been the best career decision I’ve ever made . I am excited to be developing into a network marketing professional. I love the challenges associated with building my own business,have gained skills and confidence, made many new friends and am looking forward to designing the lifestyle of our dreams. Living close to my Mum, being able to travel when and where we want to and supporting the anti-bullying charity that has given our family so much.  

Arbonne is currently one of the world’s best kept secrets but all that is about to change and you can be part of it. Contact me for a chat, a coffee and to test these fabulous products for yourself.  

About Arbonne

Born in Switzerland and raised in sunny California, Arbonne has transformed lives through premium products, unparalleled leadership and a family-like community. Through our passionate Independent Consultants, with our prestige brand and generous compensation plan, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Independent Consultant will be financially successful as each Independent Consultant’s results are dependent on his or her own skill and effort. You should not rely on the results of other Arbonne Independent Consultant’s as an indication of what you should expect to earn. Actual financial results of all Arbonne Independent Consultants for the preceding year are contained in Arbonne’s Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS). You may view the Independent Consultant Compensation Summary on Arbonne’s official website.