Sheryle Bailey District Manager Independent Consultant

Welcome to the world of Arbonne –     Pure, Safe and Beneficial, Fun, Joy,Sharing  

Why I chose to be an Arbonne Consultant.   W hat kind of changes in your life are you searching for? I would love to hear from you.

There are several reasons why people choose the path of Network Marketing. I did my research and launched myself into Arbonne. For me the ethos of the company Arbonne resonated with all that I believe. The culture of helping others, sharing, friendships and all the while building a business of quality and ethics, freedom of time and income.

·                 I am 60 yrs of age, self employed as a nail technician, a daughter, a wife, mother & grandmother, all of which generate a lot of needs to be met other than my own.

So Arbonne is something I do for myself! Something I run alongside what I currently do.

·                 This business is a fit for me. Authentic and heartfelt.

·                 I love using the RE9 anti aging products and how they give my skin a glow which radiates confidence. I love the planet friendly personal care products that rejuvenate and moisturize my skin.

·                 I have the advantage of friendships and working alongside positive, happy people on a daily basis.

·                 I am able to choose my team of positive, go for it people.

·                 I enjoy my journey of personal growth and learning more about myself and others

·                 I have assurance knowing that I am using safe and pure products on myself and my family and confident sharing the benefits to others

·                 I am creating a legacy for my children as this is a willable business

·                 Owning my own Arbonne business gives me a sense of self, something that is my own achievement in so man y areas

·                 I know my income potential is limitless!

·                 I earn recognition, jewelery, trips, and cash bonuses just for doing my job!

·                 I get to try out new cutting-edge products, as Arbonne is constantly researching and adding to its excellent range.

·                 My husband is able to take relax, our income is supplemented and he has a happy wife

·                 I love being able to share information on this brilliant income opportunity and know that if I can change one person’s life for the better, it is so rewarding

Dream BIG!   Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!



About Arbonne

Born in Switzerland and raised in sunny California, Arbonne has transformed lives through premium products, unparalleled leadership and a family-like community. Through our passionate Independent Consultants, with our prestige brand and generous compensation plan, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Independent Consultant will be financially successful as each Independent Consultant’s results are dependent on his or her own skill and effort. You should not rely on the results of other Arbonne Independent Consultant’s as an indication of what you should expect to earn. Actual financial results of all Arbonne Independent Consultants for the preceding year are contained in Arbonne’s Independent Consultant Compensation Summary (ICCS). You may view the Independent Consultant Compensation Summary on Arbonne’s official website.