Stacie Wiesenbaugh Consultant Independent Consultant
My Arbonne Story
Hi, I am Stacie Wiesenbaugh, Independent Consultant with Arbonne.   Thank you for visiting my website. I am excited to be part of a company that is life-changing!   I will share with you the products, my story, and my team which is building a dynamic health, anti-aging, beauty and wellness organization.
I live in Bonita Springs, Florida with my husband and two young sons: John, Riley and Ronan.   I consider myself a Marylander, where my family raised registered Angus Cattle. As a farm girl, I discovered a great appreciation for animals and the environment.   Eventually, I moved to Southern California.   There I me the love of my life, John.   Together we continued to actively respect and nurture environmental causes as volunteers for the famous Wildlife Waystation, organizing the yearly International Coastal Cleanup on Will Rogers Beach, and scuba diving the spectacular Channel Islands.
As we all know, life does not necessarily follow our plan.   In 2002, our first born son, Riley, suffered a brain   hemmorhage in utero .   We chose to devote ourselves to Riley's needs by making radical life changes by relocating to Southwest Florida.   My time and attention focused on the health and well-being of my family.   While remaining home with my children, I still required an income.   In 2009, my sister gave me the gift of Arbonne.
Why do I love Arbonne?
  One man's vision to provide skin care products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness became reality more than 30 years ago in Switzerland.   Petter Morck, together with a group of bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists fulfilled his vision and founded Arbonne.   These products, based on natural and botanical principals, were born.
  Personally, my favorite part of this company is that I am able to help other people transform their lives from the inside out.   We live in a world where most people struggle to discover the depth of their self-worth.   I am able to serve others each day, whether it is simply a kind word or smile, or even the opportunity to coach someone through a 28 day fit program that is HEALTHY and works, perhaps by sharing products that pamper us, vitamins that help us regain our stamina, and help even others to build their own vibrant business.   I'm here for you to help you reach your goals in any way.   If we haven't talked, let us.   Your dreams ARE possible... and not sometime in the future, but right now.   Let us dream big, instead of allowing fears, laziness, doubts or insecurities to hold us back from the visions we have for ourselves and our families.
  I can now remain home with my family, have stability and enjoy our life together.   John and I returned to the ocean by diving for Megalodon teeth and fossils, renewing my passions for nature and volunteerism Now I have opportunity to add my newly discovered interests in disabilities and special needs education.   Through Arbonne, I found a way to use healthy products on my family, bring in an income while remaining home, rebuild by belief in myself and help others to do the same.
You have gotten to know me.   Now, it is your turn for me to get to know YOU!   Plug in, join our calls, meetings and events, and become successful.
  Explore the rest of this website for more tools and information to get you started on this life enhancing journey.   Should you be ready to get started right now, contact me on the form above for more information or select "Join My Team"!  
  Sincerely, Stacie

About Arbonne

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