Stephanie Ferry Exec District Manager Independent Consultant
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Stephanie Ferry
Executive District Manager
Independent Consultant
BS Sociology
            Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to check out my story and see what all the Arbonne buzz is about!! My journey began when I was working the retail life a few years back. I had started working my way up in management of a very popular retail store when suddenly my niece went into overnight emergency foster care with me and all of a sudden I was juggling raising her along with very long work weeks! I knew it wasn't the LIFE I wanted to live, but I had no way out at the time. I HAD to be making an income to support my family. One very busy day, I was helping a customer and she asked me, "do you like your job?" I immediately responded with a big NO! So we chatted for a bit and she told me I should try doing what she does. I brushed it off and went on with my life. But she kept in contact with me, even though I ignored her for months, and thank goodness she did! One day I FINALLY went to lunch with her and I left with a feeling of HOPE for my LIFE and my FAMILY for the first time in a long time! I knew this was the answer and my only option of getting out of the trading TIME for NOT enough MONEY lifestyle I was living. As soon as I promoted in my business I quit my JOB (Just Over Broke) so I could be more present at home and start growing my family. I now have full custody of my niece and have had a baby girl as well!!

            I knew there had to be something more than the typical 40+ hour work week, working for someone else, for the rest of my life. So I started working Arbonne as a side hustle in the nooks and crannies of my daily life and it quickly became my Plan A. I KNOW I am going to the TOP in this business and I would love for YOU to join me :) I am SO THANKFUL for Arbonne and the people I have met! I can't wait to share it with YOU so link arms with us and start CREATING the LIFE of YOUR DREAMS today!!

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