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Teri Talauta Regional VP Independent Consultant
A little about me….
In one word…BUSY… I work full time in the investment world, I am wife to a wonderful husband and mommy to four blessings. I love life and all of its greatness. Before Arbonne, I thought I had it ALL! That is until I found this amazing company. In June of 2014, after I had my fourth baby boy, I didn't want to return to work in my maternity clothes. On a whim, I tried the 30 Days to Healthy Living program with Arbonne. I lost 17lbs in my first 30 days!! I was back in my regular clothes by the time my son was   4 months old and, as an added bonus,   had more energy than I have had since I was a kid! I fell in LOVE with the   Pure, Safe &   Beneficial products Arbonne offers. I loved the idea of being healthy from the inside out and the ease of being able to shop in one place for all of these amazing     Pure, Safe & Beneficial products at a discount for myself and my family. I was also offered the life changing opportunity to build a business with Arbonne, but politely declined!
See, I ( like many ) didn't think things like this worked, didn't have the time, wasn't a salesperson… I could go on and on. I thought this was something people did to earn "shoe money" and I did not have time for "shoe money". I laugh now because thank God I had a tiny (and I mean tiny) crack of openness with something inside urging me, telling me to take a leap of FAITH and check this out. What was the worst that could happen? What if this was the vehicle that could bring so many choices and options to my family? And now, I am so glad I jumped in to the pool not even knowing if there was water in it! This opportunity has beyond changed my life and more importantly has allowed me to dream again. I have found that this is way bigger than a chance to make "shoe money", I get paid to help others succeed as well as achieve their goals and dreams! And I love every moment of it.

If you're considering taking a peek at this opportunity, I wholeheartedly encourage it! I would love to help you succeed,   dare to dream, and be able to live out those dreams with your eyes wide open!
The 3 Cs in life: Choice, Chance, Change . You must make the Choice , to take the Chance , if you want anything in life to Change .  

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and check out my page! Whether it's with our products or the opportunity to become part of the Arbonne team,   I look forward to helping you.



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