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Great Scott!
I’ve been a working actress and singer my entire career. Musicals on Broadway and in Toronto. My own talk show. A regular on a very successful soap opera, and also on Canada’s number-one show at the time. But fame is fickle. When Toronto’s entertainment industry collapsed, I found myself working crazy hours for less pay and no time for my 3-year-old, Jack. I would lay awake at night, stressed out about my family’s future. That changed when a friend introduced me to Arbonne.

Today, I work from home. I pick up my son from school. We sit down to dinner together as a family every night, and I get to read to him and put him to bed, a luxury I didn’t have before. I volunteer at the school, and I am fully present in his life. My husband is semi-retired. We live in our dream home and pinch ourselves every day at the abundance Arbonne has brought to our lives.
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President; Ontario, Canada

Former Life: An actress you might remember from Days of Our Lives, Mamma Mia! or The Berenstain Bears.

What Don’t You Miss: Being a starving artist.

Greatest Accomplishment: The freedom to take my son to the
park — anytime!

Secret to Success: The desire to change the lives of others for
the better.

Transformational Product: I love RE9 Advanced. But the one thing I couldn’t live without is the Daily Fiber Boost.

Pure Transformation Is:
The desire to change the lives of others for the better.
Transformational Product
Daily Fiber Boost

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