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An Extraordinary Life
I used to think that my husband and I were ordinary people, and that great things only happened to extraordinary people — not us. I was working 8 to 5 as a secretary, the only job I could get with my psychology degree. Vacations and extras were out of the question. Imagining my life five years down the road, I didn’t see how anything could or would change.

But amazingly, everything did change, and it all started with a dear friend who introduced me to Arbonne by giving me a product sample. I fell in love with the products, and soon saw the business potential. Now, as a mom of two amazing teenagers, my life really is extraordinary in so many ways. I feel so blessed! I love that that my husband had the choice to turn down a job transfer because we no longer needed his income. I love the mission trips our family has taken to Africa. And I love that I am a better wife, mom and human being because of what I’ve learned on this journey. If there’s just one transformational life lesson I’ve learned through Arbonne, it’s this: We were all created to live extraordinary lives!
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President; Oklahoma, United States

Former Life: Psychology major wondering, “Now what can I do
with that?”

Greatest Joy: Working with orphans in Zambia with my husband and kids.

Greatest Transformation: Helping so many discover they were created for a purpose and watching them become difference-makers.

Transformational Product: RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque

Pure Transformation Is:
Becoming the best version of yourself — physically, socially, culturally, financially
and spiritually.

Transformational Product
RE9 Advanced® Cellular Renewal Masque

Enhanced formula with gentle cellular exfoliation visibly improves skin tone and texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, and provides skin with an immediate, radiant glow.
RE9 Advanced® Cellular Renewal Masque