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Five Reasons Why
At age 16, I moved from beautiful, tropical Haiti to fast-paced New York City and experienced complete culture shock. I was without my mom and didn’t speak a word of English, yet I found a way to thrive. I earned a Master’s degree and was a successful speech language pathologist.

My priorities changed when my first son arrived. Then our family grew to five children! Long hospital hours, office politics, a crazy commute, and being away from my children for 10 hours a day were not my idea of balancing career and family. Having an Arbonne business has given me control over my time, and allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I’ve experienced the transformative power of Arbonne’s products and opportunity. I have been inspired to take care of my health through sound nutrition and exercise, to help reverse a pattern of family obesity. Setting an example of healthy living for my children and teaching others to do the same is what Pure Transformation is all about!
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President; California, United States

Former Life: Born and raised in beautiful Haiti, I moved to New York at 16. Then I went to school in sunny Florida and became a speech language pathologist.

Simplest Pleasure: Cuddling in bed with my five children.

Biggest Thrill: I love to dance and travel.

Greatest Transformation: Taking control of my health. The 30-Day Feeling Fit Kit inspired me to kick-start a new health and fitness routine.

Transformational Product: RE9 Advanced® has truly transformed the appearance of my skin – I look better now than I did 20 years ago.

Pure Transformation Is:
Reinventing yourself in a way that will help you enjoy life and share it with those you love.
Transformational Product
Arbonne Essentials® 30-Day Feeling Fit Kit
This 30-day kit includes a FREE 30-Day Guide so you have everything you need to get started on the plan to feeling fit – whether for you that means weight management, getting in better shape, having more energy, or incorporating better eating habits. Arbonne Essentials® 30-Day Feeling Fit Kit