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From Drab to Fab
Just a couple of years out of university, I was managing accounts in the soft drink industry. I was finding my graduate career — the one I had been promised would be exceptional — to be totally unglamorous! No matter how hard I worked, I felt like someone always wanted more from me. I have always loved fashion, but I wore drab ugly clothes to fit into a male dominated industry. I used to hide in the bathroom on breaks, dreading going back to work! Little holiday time, crazy living costs in Scotland’s capital city. Was this it? I was only 23 and retirement wasn’t until 65! Or so
I thought …

A simple coffee date changed everything. Someone introduced me to Arbonne and I knew I was crazy not to take a look at it! I made a decision to leave my corporate job, and today I have a flourishing business. When I look back at my former life, I hardly remember it. I never wake up to an alarm; I travel the world, enjoy rich friendships, and help people become successful in this business. These days, life is in full color.
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President; Perth, United Kingdom

Former Life: The soft drink industry. It was unglamorous, a man’s world — I had to wear ugly clothes!

What You Don’t Miss: My alarm clock.

Biggest Thrill: Through Arbonne, seeing a person gain confidence, stand tall and grow into their success.

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