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A Happy Detour
I used to think that to be successful, I had to follow the traditional path. That meant studying hard in school, getting a good job, and driving to an office daily. I did everything expected of me and became a corporate attorney. Days and nights were spent consumed with mergers and acquisitions, corporate takeovers, and taking companies public. It gave me little free time.

Then I took a detour. A friend asked me to evaluate Arbonne’s compensation plan because of my corporate background. I was so impressed, I decided to start my own Arbonne business. Today I have built a global team, earn a generous income, and have the freedom to carry out the ministry work I love. Earning Tiffany jewelry and exotic vacations, and having friends all over the world is the best! I’m helping others achieve their dreams, and I’m bringing up my children in a world of endless possibilities. I realize now that taking a detour turned out to be a move in the right direction.
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive Area Manager; Tennessee, United States.

Biggest Win: Growing my Arbonne business while still being a practicing attorney.

Greatest Thrill: Shopping for fabulous new clothes after losing four dress sizes.

Memorable Moment: When my 7-year-old piped up, “Don’t forget the fiber!” to a customer.

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Pure Transformation Is:
Living a life that elevates you, your family, and those around you.
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