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Whole New Outfit
The only accessory I ever wore before Arbonne was a hard hat. As an architectural technologist, I worked long hours for a structural engineering firm. Add work boots, jeans and a ponytail — that was my everyday look. On top of that, I always struggled with my complexion and had no idea how to put on makeup.

Then I attended an Arbonne Cosmetics party where I learned some great makeup tips. That’s when I traded in my hard hat and steel-toed boots for the Arbonne life. The skincare and makeup totally transformed my look. And, the pace of life is different now. I wake up to my son Jacob’s little arms around me, and we share breakfast and dinner as a family. This journey has turned me into a more confident, patient person because I’m not in a rush all the time. I live with a deep sense of purpose, helping others create this life. And I can wear high heels anytime I want!
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive Regional Vice President; Ontario, Canada

What You Don’t Miss: As an architectural technologist, I was very happy to trade in my steel-toed work boots for high heels.

Initial Inspiration: My husband noticed within a week how much my skin had improved — and men don’t often notice things like that!

Greatest Transformation: I am comfortable in my own skin, and not afraid to try new things or talk to new people.

Transformational Product: RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque. I count down the days until I use it again.

Pure Transformation Is:
Being the best you can be for your family, friends and Arbonne family.
Transformational Product
RE9 Advanced® Cellular Renewal Masque

Enhanced formula with gentle cellular exfoliation visibly improves skin tone and texture, minimizes the appearance of pores, and provides skin with an immediate, radiant glow.
RE9 Advanced® Cellular Renewal Masque