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Dancing under bright lights, on a big stage in front of a captive audience. Glamorous, right? Sure, at times, but a dancer’s life is an unsteady one. You never know when you’ll get the next gig — or paycheck. I often did odd jobs just to pay the bills. I love dancing, but didn’t love the uncertainty.

One day, I got an email from a special friend: “I want you to be my business partner.” It was just the kickstart I needed. Of course, I hit bumps along the way. Some days my legs ached and my head pounded, but I didn’t lose focus. It’s all paid off. These days, I don’t worry about rent, I treat my family to things they deserve, and I take time for myself without worrying about missing an audition. Because of this journey, I have a new excitement for life. With more freedom and choice, I’m studying to be a nutritionist, and I can take on charitable causes dear to my heart. Now the stage is set for me to give back. And it’s a role I relish wholeheartedly.
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive Regional Vice President; London, United Kingdom

Former Life: Skating around with a sandwich on my head performing in the musical Starlight Express!

Greatest Transformation: I went from doing all the horrible jobs dancers have to do to survive to being a successful business owner.

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Pure Transformation Is:
Growing into a better person — and living
a more fabulous life — than you ever could have imagined!

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