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True Calling
Investigating a crime scene. Going undercover. Flying into action to help someone in need. Police work can be exciting and fulfilling. I had always wanted to protect and serve, so I decided as a teenager to go into law enforcement. I loved it, but the hours were long and unpredictable. I didn’t have the luxury of choosing how I spent my time and I wasn’t in control of my life.

Unfortunately, after 12 years, I experienced a career-ending injury leaving me wondering if I would ever find something as meaningful. Chatting over coffee with a friend, Arbonne came up. My curiosity was piqued, so I researched everything I could find, and became thrilled about the concept of building my own business while serving others. Today, I love being home for my husband and girls, doing business in my PJs, and being able to offer the gift of hope. It’s still exciting work, and now I “protect and serve” others the Arbonne way.
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive Regional Vice President; California, United States

Former Life: Military police officer and civilian police detective.

What You Don’t Miss: Being on-call for 24-hour stretches with the LAPD. I never knew if I’d be there for school events or to tuck my kids into bed.

Can’t Live Without: Time with my children. I always joke with people at my parties, “I can help you be home with your kids or help you get away from them!”

Wildest Dream: To open a free center for abused children, to give them a safe haven.

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Pure Transformation Is:
Believing you can help change
someone’s life — and seeing it happen!

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