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An A+ in Living
I was a teacher and loved the kids, but I felt my choices were limited. Before Arbonne, I'd pray for ways I could have more choices – I thought of everything from making cupcakes to creating my own skincare products!

Right around the time those homemade lotions were turning moldy, lo and behold, I was invited to an Arbonne Presentation. Arbonne appealed to me because the products are so amazing, and I could see the potential of the business opportunity – a way to spend more time with my family, take wonderful vacations together, help others, and not worry about finances. To succeed, I had to let go of my fears and excuses, and take a chance on myself. I motivate and train my team, so teaching is still a big part of my life. Arbonne has given me the gift of quality time with people I love. And I'm having the time of my life!
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President; North Carolina, United States

Former Life: As a teacher, I loved the kids but wanted to stay home with my own.

Greatest Joy: Enjoying that wonderful gift called family time while also helping others.

Memorable Arbonne Moment: Receiving a phone call from an Independent Consultant who said, “You absolutely changed my family’s life for the better.”

Transformational Product: RE9 Advanced® Night Repair Crème. If I had a huge tub, I would use it on every single body part twice a day!

Pure Transformation Is:
Knowing you’re here for a reason, to continually grow and add value to lives around you.
Transformational Product
RE9 Advanced® Night Repair Crème

Ultra-hydrating blend of botanicals and concentrated vitamin C supports collagen and helps restore a youthful appearance.
RE9 Advanced® Night Repair Crème