Mesmerizing Lashes
Posted by Arbonne Beauty Editor

Mascara is the magic wand in every woman's makeup bag. One swipe of the new Arbonne Cosmetics Triple Action Mascara miraculously transforms lashes by volumizing, lengthening and defining lashes for triple threat instant glamour. Think of this wand as a little black dress for your lashes, and slip it on for close-up worthy eyes! The extra-large brush means complete coverage can be achieved in just seconds, and the new smudge-resistant formula means lashes will retain their fluttery allure. Not only does it make for enchanting eyes, Triple Action Mascara pampers and protects, with botanical ingredients to help condition and moisturize your eyelashes. In short, this sleek tube conjures up the long, thick lashes every mascara maven desires.
Ten Beauty Tips for Luxurious Lashes    
1. Zig Then Zag
Use a zigzag motion when sweeping the wand onto your lashes in the direction of the hair growth (from the root to the tip) to help prevent clumping.
2. Replace Regularly
We're all guilty of keeping to the same old tube of mascara in our cosmetics case for six months or more. Experts recommend replacing mascara every three months to avoid the introduction of bacteria to the tube, which can cause decidedly non-glamorous eye infections!
3. Eyes Wide Open
Try using an eyelash curler prior to applying your mascara. It adds a professional looking curve to your lashes, which helps to open up the eyes and make them appear wider.

4. All About the Drama
For a dramatic cat's-eye style look, apply an extra coat or two to the lashes at the outer edge of each eye for extra volume.

5. Avoid the Air
Extend the life of your mascara by not pumping the wand in and out of the tube. Pumping introduces air, which causes the mascara to dry out more quickly.

6. Top It Off
For a more subdued, daytime look, apply mascara to the top lashes only.

7. A Different Angle
Those who have trouble applying mascara to the inner and lower lashes, try bending the brush at a right angle for more easy access.

8. Powder Power
Under-eye concealers tend to be slightly creamy or greasy, so if the lashes touch the skin where concealer has been applied it can cause your mascara to smudge. Help prevent this by "setting" the concealer with a light layer of loose translucent powder or mineral makeup (such as Arbonne Cosmetics Translucent Loose Setting Powder or Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 15) before applying your mascara.

9. Shimmering Lash Glamour
For eyes that truly sparkle, add an extra coat of mascara to the very tips of the eyelashes and before it dries, dab your finger into a shimmer eye shadow (such as Arbonne Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Titanium, Smoke or Divine Plum) and apply sparingly onto the tips.

10. Extra Enhancement
Use Arbonne Cosmetics Lash Enhancer regularly to further strengthen and condition and promote more healthy, lush-looking lashes.
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