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“Once you decide to do this business, do not turn back.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” That was the question my sister, ENVP Shelby Howard, asked me a year-and-a-half ago. At the time, she was an AM in the middle of her Arbonne journey and knew that I wanted something different for my family. I learned if I wanted something different, I had to do something different, so I chose Arbonne.

I was introduced to Arbonne in September of 2004. I hosted a Presentation for Shelby and became a Consultant only to buy my products at the discount. As I was building my belief in the products, I was watching my sister build her belief in the incredible opportunity that Arbonne offers. During that time, I had been working several years at a local bank and my husband had a good job with benefits. However, like most people, we were living paycheck to paycheck. When Shelby asked me that one simple question, I began to consider Arbonne as a way out of our ordinary lives. At about that same time, my sister, Shannel, came home from visiting Shelby in Idaho and said, “Sheila, I am doing Arbonne, and I am signing up under you!” So, I had my first business builder and we hit the ground running!

There are three ideas I have built my business on. You might think of it as a 3-D business strategy. The first strategy is to begin to dream. I had dreams tucked away. But as I continued to listen to conference calls, educate myself through Learn & Burn™ CDs, and attend Mercedes-Benz car presentations and other trainings, I realized that Arbonne was going to allow me to bring those dreams back into my life. If you are reading my Eye on Arbonne story, and realize that you have put a dream away, know that you can get it back. And, if you have never dreamed, you can!

Secondly, you must decide to jump in, despite the obstacles. When I mentioned Arbonne as a business to my husband, he objected to the idea. I made a tough decision to continue without the support of my husband. I did that by plugging into the support of my upline. Another obstacle or disappointment was learning to handle rejection. But, believe it or not, those “nos” help us grow! Remember, when people say no, it is because they just do not know. Leading a hectic life was another obstacle that most of us deal with. As a mother of three small children and working another job, I was faced with the challenge of being able to add one more thing. But, I made Arbonne part of our daily life. From then on, there was no turning back. I had decided.

The last of the 3-Ds is: Do. Immerse yourself in activity. Shelby suggested that I do 6 to 10 Presentations, or find several Arbonne= REsultsTM prospects and follow up with all of them in order to move into a management position. So, that is exactly what I did. I stuck to the plan that was already in place, constantly reminding myself to focus on the activity, and not the outcome. It worked!

To become a Regional Vice President, you must have a strategy in motion along with an incredible team working with you to carry out that plan. My success would not be possible without the power of teamwork. We all are going to the top!

To my wonderful husband: I am so glad that you now believe in the amazing opportunity Arbonne offers. I cannot wait to give you back the gift of time and potential financial relief. I love you!

To my children, Branson, Blake and Brooke: Thank you for being patient with me. You are my biggest cheerleaders. I am excited to be able to do more fun things together. I love each of you!

To my parents: Thank you for investing time, money, love, discipline, and most of all, godly principles into the lives of your four girls! I am eternally grateful.

To my sister and upline, ENVP Shelby Howard: Thank you so much for caring enough to share the gift of Arbonne with me. You are an amazing woman and an incredible leader. I am so glad to be following in your footsteps to NVP. I will see you at the top very soon!

To my sister, RVP-in-qualification Shannel Spenker: Thank you for being the inspiration I needed to start my Arbonne journey. You were my first Ace and a true a blessing. I am so glad we did this together. I cannot wait to hand you the keys to your Mercedes-Benz!

To my sister, AM Shannon Almquist: I am so glad you decided to join the three of us in our Arbonne adventure. Look how far you have come. It will be fun to have all of us, including mom, driving white Mercedes-Benzes!

To longtime friend, AM Debbi Busack: You have an amazing Why. Remember that every day!

To AM Lori Carlson: You are such a cheerleader. Very soon, you will have that white Mercedes-Benz to drive back to your hometown!

To DMs, Lannette Steinauer, Amber Claypool, Mary Alice Wallis, Jennifer Sharer, Lisa Longtine (my sister-in-law), Margaret Dent, Linda Milbrandt, Sha’Lee Lindberg, Marcie Scott, Tammy Speed, Connie Bailey (my mom), Alaina Hartley, Lisa Parvey, Lisa Busack, Theresa Fletcher, Eva Friedrich, Edie Smith, Kim Snider and Tammie Rose: I am cheering you on to reach the goals you have set for yourself. If it is the Mercedes-Benz, get ready to drive!

To our DMs-in-qualifications: Keep sharing the gift of Arbonne, stay in activity and you, too, will reach your goals!

To our new Consultants just getting started: Decide and do not turn back. You will be blessed!

And most of all, I want to thank God for every good and perfect gift He has provided me throughout my life.

Maybe you are reading this story and have not completely decided to do Arbonne or you are just getting started. Ask yourself this, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I know that this one simple question changed my life.
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