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“Pray hard, work hard, trust God.”

Many of you have probably heard of Bruce Wilkinson's book, The Prayer of Jabez. The timeline of my reading this book and my introduction to Arbonne was no coincidence. God used both to radically change my life and enlarge my territory.

When I was first introduced to Arbonne in July 2001 by my good friend Katy Addington, I had no interest in attending her class. Only after much prodding did I finally agree to attend. After I was informed that Arbonne products were “hypo-allergenic, pure safe and botanically-based” at the presentation, my initial thought was, “been there, heard that and lost most of my eye lashes from using the last product to claim it was pure, safe and hypo-allergenic!” Despite my skepticism, the presenter, LuAnn Budiselic, soon had my complete attention. By the end of the class, I decided to sign up as a wholesale buyer. After all, with a 45-day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose, except a few eye lashes if it even came to that. I made sure LuAnn completely understood, “I was not selling this to other people!”

In the next seven months, I enjoyed the products and became very familiar with just about all of them. In fact, my home was becoming an Arbonne household; and without really intending to, I was beginning to attract some of my friends to my Arbonne lifestyle. Through it all, I continued to declare – at least to myself, “I was not selling it.” During this period, my life was so busy that I did not have time to be involved in one more project anyway. I was helping my husband build our electrical business and raising three children. This included all of the countless activities associated with raising children, such as presiding over the Parent Booster club, heading the Preschool Board, teaching Sunday school and so on. Because our electrical business was still in the early stages of start-up, finances were tight. Knowing our situation, my mom advised, “You know if you held one class a month it would pay for the products you use.” Of course, I told her I was just too busy, but she had certainly given me something to think about. With that in mind, I decided to attend NTC 2002 in Long Beach because it was a convenient excuse for a Disneyland vacation for our family and I wanted to see what Arbonne had to offer me. Little did I know that God had more than a trip of convenience in store for us.

My Arbonne career was born at NTC 2002 Long Beach. It was there that I caught the vision of everything Arbonne could be, and was inspired to go for it. After all, I was already convinced that Arbonne’s products were of the highest quality ever since I began using them. Not only had I fallen in love with the products months ago, I had also began to share my enthusiasm with others who noticed a difference in my skin. Without even meaning to, I was already selling it. NTC helped me realize that I could actually make a lucrative living by selling Arbonne. So I began praying about an Arbonne business. While working in my office one day, my attention was drawn to a sign hanging above my door which read: Pray Hard, Work Hard, Trust God. That simple phrase helped me carve out a plan to do Arbonne. I decided to devote one year of prayer and hard work to an Arbonne business and let God take care of the rest.

By May of 2002, three months after NTC, I became a DM. I reached AM in December of 2002, and my climb to RVP had begun! I was privileged to have been invited to the Area Manager Challenge celebration held at Rita Davenport’s home in January. At the end, we were all given a large envelope which contained a Mercedes brochure, which got me thinking that I really did have a chance to earn a white Mercedes! I was excited and had new momentum to boost my Arbonne business.

I remember coming home and working very hard. However, my strong work ethic was not helping my sales. In fact, they were plateauing. By June and July, they were even declining. One day, while watching me react to my numbers on the computer, my husband asked, “Numbers not going up?” In frustration, I snapped back, “No, they aren’t and I am working hard – very hard … all I do is work!” I knew the moment the words came out what was wrong. I had forgotten the other two parts of the equation: To pray hard and trust God. I had worked so hard that my constant activity left no time for the other two key elements in the equation. My focus was off and I had strayed from my original plan. My husband’s innocent question became the means God chose to relay His message: Success in Arbonne is totally dependent on His timing and contingent upon trusting Him for the results. When that hit me, I realized that a “dip in volume” was just a reminder to keep to my original Why. After all, when I first started Arbonne, I was the one who asked of God, “Bless me indeed and enlarge my territory.” So I continued to work hard but with the full equation intact this time. Soon, my stats grew and my team grew!

It is with great appreciation that I acknowledge my downline. AM Kelly Silva: You were a tough sell, but a true asset. You have been strong and dependable as the backbone of our team. As a friend and team player, you have always gone the extra mile to make sure your team gave me everything I needed during qualification. DMs Gina Schoenbucher, Kathy Fewel, Jennifer Giuliani, Tory Brandt, Brynn Avila, Marion Fiorentino and Mary Rawlings: I want to thank you and your entire teams. DM Kathi Cameron: Thanks for all the knowledge. You have helped many of us in our struggle to gather information. I admire your commitment and your determination. DM Tami Veerstaag: Thanks for the steady volume and for being such an easy recruit. You took Arbonne and ran with it, staying the course through the good and the bad. DM Carol Weisser: Your perseverance has won out and you are on your way. I am excited for what lies ahead for you. To my sister-in-law, AM Mary VanderVeen: You, too, were a tough sell, but you are the vital new leg in my team. Together, we have watched in awe as your team has expanded with tremendous success. Marion Fiorentino and Mary Rawlings: You and your team have been truly amazing.

To all my wholesale buyers: Thank you for keeping me steady each month. To my upline sponsor, Katy Addington: Thank you for inviting me to your class. I know I turned you down three times. But you were right – my eyelashes didn’t fall out! ERVP LuAnn Budiselic: You have been awesome, even when I told you I would not sell this stuff! Thank you for your support, prayers, calls, notes and encouragement. NVP Donna Weiser: Thank you for the training calls and your many encouraging phone calls. You have been a wealth of information and support.

Petter: Thank you for the vision to create a product and a company of quality. Your “down to earth” personality is as fitting as Arbonne’s “from the earth” ingredients. Rita: You are a big factor in Arbonne’s success. I believe Arbonne is blessed because of your values, strength of character and principles by which you live your life – God first, family second and business third. God honors those who honor him.

To my husband Daryl: You have been my greatest supporter. You saw the big picture Arbonne offered before I did and encouraged me in your words and actions. You always made sure you adjusted your schedule to be home for our children on the evenings I had classes. Thank you for your constant belief in me and for never doubting where Arbonne would take us. Most of all, thank you for all of those 20-second prayers we said in the driveway prior to my classes. We are true partners!

I am proud to be part of a company that represents honesty, integrity and purity. With the unshakeable equation of Pray Hard, Work Hard, Trust God, I feel I have been blessed in my Arbonne business. In turn, it is my sincere privilege to be a blessing to others.
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