Arbonne Supports The Anti-Pyramid Promotional
Scheme Act of 2016

Arbonne has been a proud supporter of women and men starting their own businesses, making a life for themselves and transforming other lives along the way. We’re about empowering people to do what they love, on their own terms and we couldn’t be happier to provide the needed support for all Arbonne Independent Consultants.


We Need Your Support!

The H.R. 5230 is great news for all ethical direct selling companies, but we need your help for it to come to fruition and make it a reality. Read the H.R. 5230 Act, and most importantly, show your support by sending a message to your local member of Congress in support of this legislation.


What Is H.R. 5230?

Federal statute does not currently provide a clear definition of a pyramid scheme. As a result, certain people in the marketplace may masquerade as direct sellers, harming consumers and ethical direct selling companies. In addition, lack of guidance at the federal level has led to a misclassification of many legitimate direct selling operations that in reality boast sound business practices and a commitment to the highest level of marketplace ethics. LEARN MORE

Why Arbonne Supports This Act

Our company has been built on transparency and this act helps all direct selling companies maintain the transparency needed in this industry. We firmly stand against pyramid schemes and scams that intentionally mislead consumers. Arbonne advocates for greater clarity in federal law to help consumers steer clear from pyramid schemes while supporting the transparency and growth of network marketing.

How This Impacts Your Opportunity & Business

The beauty of our business model has always been the freedom that allows you to live the life of your dreams. This legislation will pave the way for exemplary business practice in the marketplace and encourage proper business ethics across the industry.

Proud Member of the DSA

Arbonne is an official member of the Direct Selling Association. Our very own business ethics team, B.E.S.T., is dedicated to educating Consultants on the Code of Ethics and encourages best practices across Arbonne Business with specific guidelines for sharing testimonies as well as well a social media reference guide to ensure every Consultant’s Arbonne Business is compliant with the Arbonne brand.

Proud members of the Direct Selling Association. View the Code of Ethics by which we abide or contact the DSA directly.