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About Arbonne

When and where was Arbonne founded?

Petter Mørck began developing botanically based products in Switzerland in the 70s, but it wasn’t until 1980 when his pioneering spirit brought him to the U.S. that Arbonne was born. Mørck had always had a close relationship with nature and named the brand after a village in Switzerland surrounded by nature called Arbon. His dream was to create a premium brand with products that were better options for people and the planet.

Where are Arbonne’s Home Offices located?

Arbonne is a global company with the Home Office located in Irvine, California, and Head Offices in Toronto, Ontario; London, England; Sydney, Australia.

When did Arbonne launch Canada, Australia, UK and other countries?

Arbonne began operations in Canada in 2006, Australia and the United Kingdom in 2007, Poland in 2014, and New Zealand in 2016.

What is Arbonne’s Will Call location and hours?

Standard Will Call hours for each region are below. Please visit the Customer Service page for holiday hours and additional information.

Irvine Will Call Center
9400 Jeronimo Blvd, Irvine CA 92691
Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–6 p.m. Pacific time

Greenwood Will Call Center
800 Commerce Parkway West Drive, Greenwood, Indiana 46143
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. Eastern time

What is Arbonne’s phone number for Customer Service?

Standard customer service hours for each region are below. Please visit the Customer Service page for holiday hours and additional information.

United States

Standard Customer Service Hours
Monday–Friday: 6 a.m.–6 p.m. Pacific time
Saturday: 6 a.m.–3 p.m. Pacific time


Standard Customer Service Hours
Monday–Friday: 6 a.m.–6 p.m. Pacific time
Saturday: 6 a.m.–3 p.m. Pacific time
French Customer Service Hours
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–7 p.m. Eastern time
Saturday: 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Eastern time
Month-End 8 a.m.–10 p.m. Eastern time

Australia & New Zealand
1800 650 760

Standard Customer Service Hours
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–6 p.m. AEST (Sydney)

United Kingdom
0800 977 5721

Standard Customer Service Hours
Monday - Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. GMT

Informacje kontaktowe
Infolinia: 00 800 7060 5060
Godziny otwarcia
od poniedziałku do piątku: 9:00–18:00

Arbonne Products

Can I buy Arbonne products in stores? Can I buy them online?

Arbonne is a social marketing company with products sold by a network of global Arbonne Independent Consultants. All sales of Arbonne products must be through an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Each Arbonne Independent Consultant has a website for online purchases that can be shipped directly to Preferred Clients or Clients. Arbonne products are not available in stores and are not authorized to be sold on third-party websites such as Amazon or eBay.

What is the Arbonne Preferred Client Program?

Register to become an Arbonne Preferred Client for $29 annually and enjoy the benefits of shopping with a 20% discount for a year. You can also earn benefits such as free shipping, 40% off Arbonne Special Value Packs, Arbonne Autoship benefits and purchase with purchase offers. For more information on the Preferred Client Program, click here.

What is Arbonne’s return policy?

For Arbonne’s full return policy, click here.

Where are Arbonne products made?

Arbonne’s skincare and personal care products are primarily manufactured at Arbonne’s 200,000 square foot FDA registered and inspected facility located in Chatsworth, California. Arbonne also partners with world class manufacturers for certain Arbonne products. These partners are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure they meet Arbonne’s stringent standards for quality and safety.

Why are Arbonne products so expensive?

Arbonne products are formulated with premium botanically based ingredients and are scientifically tested with a focus on purity, safety and efficacy. Because of this, Arbonne products have a premium price. As an Arbonne Preferred Client you can save 20% off SRP on all products, 40% off SRP with Arbonne Special Value Packs, and you have the opportunity to get free shipping, earn rewards, receive complimentary products, and get access to Purchase with Purchase offers.

Are Arbonne products safe?

Yes. Safety testing is conducted on all Arbonne products. We are vigilant about the newest research regarding chemicals to ensure we’re being mindful and cautious.

Are Arbonne products vegan?

Yes. Arbonne products are formulated vegan and submitted for certification to the Vegan Society, a registered charity and oldest vegan society in the world.

Are Arbonne products gluten-free?

Yes. All Arbonne products are formulated gluten-free. Arbonne currently is certified gluten-free on over 50 products by the Gluten Free Certification Organization and is continually submitting more for certification.

Are Arbonne products safe to use during pregnancy?

We are unable to advise whether a product or an ingredient is safe to use with any medical condition (including allergies, pregnancy, or nursing) or for someone who is undergoing medical treatment, or is using or will be using a prescription medication. Arbonne recommends consulting with your physician prior to using any Arbonne products in conjunction with medical treatment or prescription medication. This would also include anyone with sensitivities to certain ingredients. You may download a copy of the Meet the Product Sheet for the products to present to your physician. This sheet is located on the product page for each specific product on The physician should be able to review the ingredients and advise based on the individual’s specific circumstances, if there are any ingredients in the product that they may want to avoid.

Are Arbonne products tested on animals?

Since the company was founded in 1980, Arbonne has had a strict policy against testing on animals, and our formulas have never contained animal products or by-products. Arbonne is recognized by PETA for this.

Are Arbonne products organic?

Organic certification refers to a crop-growing process that prohibits the use of additives such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and dyes; the crop seeds and ingredients must also not be processed with genetic modifications, irradiation or industrial solvents. When it comes to organic, Arbonne mindfully selects ingredients for our formulas that are readily and consistently available and sustainable. However, there are some ingredients that are not available with an organic certification. These types of ingredients are often grown in the wild, such as Australian eucalyptus. Based on this, Arbonne concentrates on quality testing of each ingredient and product, irrespective of organic certification, to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality.

Which Arbonne products are good for rosacea, eczema, stretch marks or psoriasis?

Please talk with your doctor about any medical conditions before starting an Arbonne skincare or nutrition regimen. For each Arbonne product, Arbonne provides a Meet the Product sheet and ingredient list for you to share with your doctor.

Why do Arbonne products have a Prop 65 warning?

It is a warning statute for California consumers to make an informed decision on products which contain listed substances. Ask your Independent Consultant for more information. Read more about Prop 65 and other California regulations on the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment website.

Do Arbonne products contain retinyl palmitate?

While retinyl palmitate potentially causes some skin irritation, we are currently researching new and improved ingredient technology. This includes an encapsulated delivery system to enhance efficacy with targeted release of pure retinol (vitamin A) to enhance product efficacy and decrease potential skin irritation.

Do Arbonne products contain chemical sunscreens?

Our goal is to formulate our products with all mineral sunscreens (i.e., zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), we do not currently formulate with the following chemical sunscreens: oxybenzone (benzophenone-3), sulisobenzone (benzophenone-4), dioxybenzone (benzophenone-8), menthyl anthranilate, aminobenzoic acid (paba), padimate O (ethylhexyl dimethyl paba), cinoxate, phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid, and trolamine salicylate. Many of these ingredients are associated with allergic dermatitis, endocrine disruption, and photosensitivity.

What’s the significance of the NOT ALLOWED List?

The NOT ALLOWED List from Arbonne includes ingredients that Arbonne is currently formulating without. Our list has evolved over time as new research is made available in the industry and scientific community. At Arbonne, we are vigilant in sourcing ingredients according to our strict standards of safety and quality. Our goal is to be ever-improving. While old formulas may be in the market, current and future formulations are held to stricter guidelines as our knowledge expands.

Which country’s regulatory standards does Arbonne adhere to for its products?

Arbonne adheres to the standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration | Health Canada | Australia Department of Health, NICNAS & Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) | New Zealand Cosmetic Group Standards | United Kingdom Food Standards Agency | European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) | Australia National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme | International Fragrance Association (IFRA) | European Commission Cosmetics Regulation | European Registration, Evaluation, Authorisations and Restriction of Chemicals Agency (REACH) | Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR).

The Arbonne Opportunity

How can I become an Arbonne Independent Consultant?

You can become an Independent Consultant and start earning money today through your very own personal e-commerce website with shareable digital catalogue. You’ll have access to free apps for on the go business management, a social marketing library for sharing Arbonne, and a complete knowledge library for product and business information. You’ll also have the support of an incredible community that embraces the pure joy of helping others. Click here to learn more about the Arbonne Opportunity.

How do Arbonne Independent Consultants earn extra money?

Arbonne Independent Consultants earn in 3 ways through our competitive compensation plan, or SuccessPlan:

  1. Client Commissions are the profits paid to you on personal product sales to Clients (35% of Suggested Retail Price, or SRP) and Preferred Clients (15% of SRP).
  2. Overrides are commissions paid to you on the product sales volume of your team.
  3. VP Success Award is available to Vice Presidents based on their product sales and their team’s product sales.

A typical Arbonne Independent Consultant (AIC) in the United States earned between $120–$502 in 2019 in earnings and commissions. The VP Success Award is available at the VP level; less than 2% of the AICs achieve this award. Please see

The results featured are not typical. Actual results will vary depending upon individual effort, time, skills, and resources. Arbonne makes no guarantees regarding earnings.

For further details about the Arbonne SuccessPlan, speak to your Arbonne Independent Consultant, visit or call Customer Service at 1.800.ARBONNE.

How often does Arbonne pay Independent Consultant commissions?

In the US, Arbonne pays its Independent Consultants weekly for their Client and Preferred Client commissions, and monthly for their overrides and cash awards, based on the Arbonne SuccessPlan exclusively through an independent third-party payment processor using Arbonne Pure Pay.

Can Arbonne Independent Consultants sell on eBay or Amazon?

Arbonne Independent Consultants sell product either through the website or in person. Third-party websites who claim to sell Arbonne products have no relationship with our company and are not authorized resellers of our products. Products sold through these websites are diverted, and therefore may be diluted, expired, obsolete or counterfeit. Additionally, these products may have been previously used and may not be safe to use or may not perform as tested. Arbonne is not able to make any product guarantee and is not able to process product returns for purchases made through any unauthorized reseller, including eBay and Amazon.

Is Arbonne a pyramid scheme?

Arbonne is not a pyramid scheme. Our company has been built on transparency. We firmly stand against pyramid schemes and scams that intentionally mislead consumers. Arbonne advocates for greater clarity in federal law to help consumers steer clear from pyramid schemes while supporting the transparency and growth of social marketing.

What does QV mean?

Each Arbonne product carries a designated Qualifying Volume (QV) that is used to calculate qualifications, maintenance, product specials and campaign incentives. Starter Kits, Business Aids, Sample Packs, and certain product specials have no Qualifying Volume.

What does SRP mean?

Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is the price suggested by Arbonne for the sale of Arbonne products to Clients. Sales of products at SRP enable Arbonne Independent Consultants to earn a retail commission.

What does RV mean?

Retail Volume (RV) is the volume from product sales used to calculate overrides and commissions. All Arbonne products carry a designated RV value that Arbonne Independent Consultants earn through the sale of those products. Please note that Starter Kits, Business Aids, sample packs, and product specials have no RV.

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