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Tanda Cook is a naturopathic physician, food expert, published author, international speaker, and blogger. She is wildly passionate about educating and inspiring people to take steps to add health to their lives. Tanda has a gift for explaining confusing medical terminology and concepts in clearly understood terms — empowering her audiences to celebrate healthy living through food, lifestyle and choice. She has been working collaboratively with the Arbonne Team to share her knowledge along with her love of the Arbonne products and programs with the world.

Healthy Aging to Support Healthy-Looking Skin

Our collagen stores naturally decline with age, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and decreased elasticity. Luckily, there are things you can do and choices you can make to help support your collagen.

Why Multivitamins Matter?

Arbonne's Whole Food Blend Multivitamin and Mineral Boost has a blend of whole food-derived nutrients and antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals to deliver a comprehensive, multivitamin mineral formula that can help fill gaps in your diet.

Why Digestion Plus?

Prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes help maintain our microbiome and gut health. Learn how Tanda sees Digestion Plus as a way to keep the good bacteria in our body working properly and maintaining a healthy system.

Why Sugar Isn’t Always Bad?

Glucose supports brain health and provides calories that help energize you during physical activity. Watch to see how Tanda feels about having a little bit of sugar in your diet.

Why Body Cleanse?

The Body Cleanse supports detoxification and is formulated to support normal digestion and liver function, while riding the body of waste, building the integrity of the intestines and soothing the system.

Why Energy Fizz Sticks?

What makes the Energy Fizz Sticks more beneficial than a cup of coffee, soda or an energy drink? Tanda shares how all the added benefits of antioxidants and B vitamins combined with naturally derived caffeine help to balance blood sugar levels and combat free radical damage.

Why Arbonne Essentials Protein?

Explaining all things Arbonne Essentials protein, such as essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, low glycemic index, and more. Listen in on Tanda’s favorite protein powder and all of its benefits.

Why Daily Fiber Boost?

We need soluble fiber to slow digestion and make us feel fuller longer, but also insoluble fiber to speed up digestion. Arbonne Essentials Daily Fiber Boost combines the benefits of these fibers for a healthy gut, glucose levels, and cardiovascular system.

Why Antioxidants?

Antioxidants support the body from the inside out and the outside in. What are they and what do they do? Hear Tanda’s recommendations to add antioxidants to your diet through food choices, Arbonne Essentials Greens Balance, supplements, and skincare.

Why Mind Health?

Mind Health... why use it, what’s in it, and how to take it! The body tries hard to protect the central nervous system, which is the biggest consumer of nutrients from glucose to vitamins. Arbonne Essentials Mind Health is formulated to support cognitive function, key neurological performance, and normal function of neuro cells.

Why Greens Balance?

Before Arbonne, Tanda was stuck as she was trying to get her patients to eat more of the rainbow without adding stress to their lives, because it’s hard to prioritize healthy meals that give you the nutrients you need. Arbonne Essentials Greens Balance changed that with a scoopful of 34 colorful fruits and vegetables, prebiotic fiber, and blue green algae.

Why Herbal Detox Tea?

According to Tanda, if she was put in the room with Arbonne’s formulation team, they would have come up with the same beneficial ingredients for the Arbonne Essentials Herbal Detox Tea. She drinks it 1–3 times a day and recommends it as a staple in your home.

Why Super Foods and Whole Foods?

She’s here to take the confusion out of the food conversation on micro and macronutrients and diets! By choosing superfoods and whole foods that are locally sourced and seasonally selected, Tanda suggests you’ll feel your best. To make those choices easier, Arbonne Essentials Whole Food Blend Multivitamin & Mineral Boost provides what Mother Nature intended.

Why Prebiotics and Probiotics?

What are they and why are they so beneficial? Tanda wants you to consume 20–30 different plants a week in order to fuel your body with what you need. Arbonne Essentials Digestion Plus and Daily Fiber Boost feeds the healthy bacteria in your body, making you and your body happy.

Healthy Gut for Healthy Living

More research is tracing back to an imbalance in the gut. Tanda explains the gut flora and gut barrier, while sharing how to support your gut health balance with plant-based whole foods, exercise, minimizing stress, improving sleep, and conscious deep breaths.

Why Hydration is Critical?

Our bodies are comprised of 75% water, so hydration or dehydration can have major effects on the body and skin. Tune in to hear Tanda’s tips for hydration, including drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day, and using Arbonne Essentials products for nourishment and hydration from the inside out.

Why It’s Important to Balance Blood Sugar?

To maintain normal physiology and overall health, balancing blood sugar is key! Watch as Tanda breaks down why your body needs balance in order to keep your energy steady and how to use Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Mix and Energy Fizz Sticks to achieve that.

My Story Compilation
Why Healthy Skin Within?

The Healthy Skin Within Skin Elixir formula helps build collagen with vitamin C and also include biotin and silicon for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Tanda's Favorite Detox Drink

The combination of herbs in the Herbal Detox Tea, the digestive support from the apple cider vinegar, the detox properties in the lemon, the circulatory support from the cayenne and the cinnamon make this a powerhouse of a drink.

Arbonne Consultants
Healthy Living Inside & Out

Healthy Living is about making the right choices with dietary habits and nutritional supplements for overall health inside and out.

Healthy Skin Inside & Out
Healthy Skin Inside & Out

You want to take care of your skin like you would you heart and your lungs. It needs support, nutrients, detoxification, and ultimately love.

The Gut-Skin Connection

Understand the importance of the gut/skin connection and how to support it, detox it and potentially transform it from the inside-out and outside-in with Arbonne Essentials and Rescue & Renew.

Tanda's Favorite Things to Add to a Shake

Learn how the 30 Days to Healthy Living works, why you would do it, who would benefit from it, and what it entails.

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